Round Up: The Final Previews Are In For Super Mario Bros. Wonder
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Super Mario Bros. Wonder: The Ultimate Previews Round Up

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Receives High Praise from Critics

Super Mario Bros. Wonder, the highly anticipated upcoming release from Nintendo, has been generating excitement and garnering positive reviews from critics who have had the opportunity to spend more time with the game. Several renowned gaming publications have praised the innovative gameplay mechanics, fresh feel, impressive visuals, and abundance of new ideas in this latest entry in the beloved Super Mario series.

: Nintendo Continues to Innovate

, one of the leading gaming media outlets, commended Nintendo for its consistent innovation and ability to surprise players with new gameplay mechanics. They stated, “Wonder proves once again that Nintendo remains an incredible innovator, consistently keeping you on your toes with its next ingenious mechanic and way to play. It has also established an impressive history of rarely using the same trick twice, even within the same game… And after the glimpses of the other wild stages we’ve seen in the latest trailer, It feels like the possibilities for the plumbers and friends are endless.” A Proper “New” Entry, a respected source for Nintendo news and reviews, expressed their excitement for Super Mario Bros. Wonder, stating that it finally feels like a proper “new” entry in the series. They remarked, “Wonder is possibly going to be the more-ish Mario game, and it’s certainly the freshest and most surprising 2D Mario has felt – possibly ever.”

Press-Start: Impressive Visuals and Rock Solid Frame Rate

Press-Start, an Australian gaming publication, highlighted the game’s stunning visuals and solid performance. They praised the new artistic style, expressive characters, and vibrant colors, stating, “Super Mario Bros. Wonder is visually one of the most impressive-looking Mario games, donning a new artistic style… Mario and even enemies are visually expressive, colors pop, and during all of this malarkey, the framerate remains rock solid. While the scope and scale might not be akin to Odyssey or even Bowser’s Fury, Wonder is still not to be underestimated from a presentation standpoint.”

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Eurogamer: A Sea of Gimmickry

Eurogamer, a renowned gaming website, was impressed by the abundance of new ideas in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. They described the game as a sea of gimmickry, with new ideas and surprises in every stage. They stated, “There are so many new ideas here, pretty much shaken into every stage like seasoning into a bag of popcorn. It can be hard, at first, to get your bearings…Apart from very simple rituals – levels have new purple coins alongside the gold that can be collected for prizes, there are badges that are unlocked that allow for a special move when worn, new stages are unlocked by collecting Wonder Seeds – the game wants you to feel lost in an ever-shifting sea of gimmickry. It does. And it works.”

My Nintendo News: A Revolutionary Step

My Nintendo News summed up Super Mario Bros. Wonder as a “revolutionary” step for the series. They declared it could potentially be one of the best 2D Mario games yet and recommended pre-ordering the game. They stated, “Super Mario Bros. Wonder is without-a-doubt revolutionary, and could very well be one of the best 2D Mario games yet…If you’ve been wondering whether or not you should pre-order…it’s safe to say that you absolutely should.”

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is set to release soon, and based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback from critics, fans of the iconic franchise can look forward to an exciting and innovative gaming experience. With its fresh gameplay mechanics, impressive visuals, and abundance of new ideas, Super Mario Bros. Wonder is shaping up to be another memorable addition to the Super Mario series.

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