Alien Hominid HD & Invasion Crash-Land On Xbox This November
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Xbox Welcomes the Arrival of Alien Hominid HD & Invasion Crash-Land This November

The Behemoth Announces Release of Alien Hominid HD and Alien Hominid Invasion on Xbox Series X|S

The highly anticipated release of Alien Hominid HD and Alien Hominid Invasion by The Behemoth is set to take place on 1st November, exclusively on Xbox Series X|S. Fans of the beloved franchise can look forward to experiencing these two exciting games on the next-gen console.

Game Details and Pricing

The Behemoth has not held back in terms of providing gamers with an immersive experience. Alien Hominid HD, described as “newly improved,” allows players to dive straight into the action. For those looking for an introduction to the series, this game is the perfect opportunity.

On the other hand, Alien Hominid Invasion serves as a sequel to the original Newgrounds game. With its release on multiple platforms, including Steam, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox, gamers can explore the thrilling world of Alien Hominid on their preferred device.

The pricing for Alien Hominid HD is set at $11.99 (or the regional equivalent), offering players a chance to dive into the revamped version of the game without breaking the bank. For fans who want to double their excitement, the Extra Terrestrial Bundle, priced at $24.99, provides access to both Alien Hominid HD and Alien Hominid Invasion.

Multiplayer and Cooperative Gameplay

Alien Hominid HD brings back the nostalgic fun of local co-op by enabling two players to team up and tackle the game together. The cooperative mode allows for a dynamic gameplay experience, as friends can strategize and conquer challenges together.

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Alien Hominid Invasion takes the cooperative aspect a step further by introducing local 4-player multiplayer. Additionally, players can now team up online to face the invasion collectively. The Behemoth has truly taken multiplayer gaming to the next level, allowing gamers to connect and enjoy the action with friends near or far.

Community Interaction and Feedback

The Behemoth has consistently put emphasis on engaging with the gaming community. By actively seeking feedback and incorporating it into their game designs, they ensure that players’ voices are heard and their desires met. The release of Alien Hominid HD and Alien Hominid Invasion reflects the developers’ efforts to create a game that appeals to both veteran fans and newcomers to the franchise.

This dedication to community interaction is evident in the game’s development and the updates provided by The Behemoth. By staying engaged with the players, they have cultivated a loyal fanbase that eagerly anticipates each new release.

Will You Join the Alien Hominid Adventure?

Alien Hominid HD and Alien Hominid Invasion offer an exciting opportunity for gamers to immerse themselves in the thrilling world created by The Behemoth. With captivating gameplay, interactive multiplayer experiences, and dedication to community feedback, these games are not to be missed.

Mark your calendars for 1st November and gear up for an extraterrestrial adventure. Whether you’re a long-time fan of the franchise or a curious newcomer, Alien Hominid HD and Alien Hominid Invasion promise an unforgettable gaming experience.

Have your spacesuit ready? Let us know in the comments if you’ll be exploring the Alien Hominid universe on Xbox Series X|S next month!

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