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Our Team

Benjamin Bartlett

A veteran gamer since the age of 5, Benjamin has traversed the digital realms of Azeroth to the streets of Los Santos. With a master’s in Game Design from Stanford, hi penned three best-selling books on the evolution of gaming culture.

Brandy McPherson

Brandy, known in the gaming community as “PixelProwess”, has been a prominent voice in the eSports scene. Author of “Beyond the Joystick”, he delves into the psychology of competitive gaming.

Casey Mitchell

Born in Brighton and raised on a diet of Tetris and Dendy classics, Casey is a gaming historian.

Colin Cassidy

A game developer turned writer, Colin insights into the world of indie game creation have inspired many. His memoir, “Code to Canvas”, recounts his journey from coding to storytelling.

Corey McNamara

Corey has a great love for MMORPGs”, a deep dive into the social dynamics of online gaming. He is a frequent speaker at gaming conventions and a champion for inclusivity in the industry.

Dina Stephens

Dina, or “Ghost” as fans know her, is a retired pro gamer. Her experiences in the world of first-person shooters have made her a respected figure in the community.

Jordan Kotel -Geekone

From the arcades of the ’90s to the latest VR realms, Jordan, better known as “GeekOne”, has been immersed in the gaming universe for decades. With a knack for dissecting game mechanics and a reputation for in-depth reviews, he’s become a trusted figure in both casual and competitive gaming circles. Whether it’s a retro game night or testing the latest releases, “GeekOne” is the go-to expert for many enthusiasts.

Mickey Stone

Mickey expertise lies in the intersection of gaming and pop culture. He is known for great analyses on the influence of video games on broader media landscapes.

Nathanial Grey

A game journalist for over a decade, Nathanial has interviewed the biggest names in the industry, offering a unique perspective on the ever-evolving world of gaming.

Randall McGowan

Holding a PhD in Narrative Design, Randall focus is on the art of storytelling in games. He’s a go-to expert for understanding the intricacies of game narratives.

Trevor Milton

Starting as a Twitch streamer, Trevor quickly became a recognized name in the gaming community. He is a passionate advocate for diversity and representation in the industry.