Managing your space cats in Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova
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Supernova: A Guide to Managing Your Space Cats in Galactic Civilizations IV

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In the vast cosmos of gaming, we often find ourselves leading empires, commanding armies, and forging alliances. But have you ever wondered about the individuals who make up these galactic civilizations, and the leaders who steer their destinies towards triumph?

Meet the Purrshan League

The Purrshan League is a unique race of Felinoid aliens led by their glorious leader, Felora Clawheart, who also holds the prestigious title of Governor of their homeworld, Purrshara. Surrounding her are loyal Citizens, each representing millions of minions, all eager to please and willing to live and die at their leader’s whim.

As the Purrshan League ventures into the vast and perilous galaxy, they must work diligently to construct the infrastructure necessary for future colonization efforts. Take, for instance, Matthew Li, whose high Resolve of 7 makes him an ideal Worker, significantly boosting Purrshara’s Manufacturing output.

Ministers and governors

With their fertility and rapid reproduction rate, the Purrshan League has an urgent need to colonize new planets. However, challenges arise when they identify a potential Core World at Merlin III, a distant planet well beyond their current travel range. What’s the solution?

First, they establish the Colonial Leadership Council to facilitate the recruitment of Leaders. Subsequently, they draft Colonists to lay claim to nearby Purrshan III, extending their range in that direction. A critical boost comes from researching Subspace Streaming, providing a +2 Ship Range increase. Yet, they still fall short of their target.

Enter Bruno Meurt, recruited as the Minister of Exploration, to augment Ship Range with his remarkable Diligence. Simultaneously, Baal O’Malley is appointed as the Minister of Technology to enhance their civilization’s Research output. These strategic moves allow the Purrshan League to move closer to their colonization goal.

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Their journey is not without challenges, as they encounter the Altarians on their way to Merlin III. To maximize efficiency, Merlin III is transformed into a Core World, and Alden War, with his high Diligence, is chosen as the Governor, ensuring an impressive Manufacturing bonus on the desert planet.

Diplomats & factions

As the Purrshan League continues its expansion, the highly cultured Altarians exert influence out into their territory. This threat prompts the Purrshan League to prepare for potential conflict while maintaining peaceful relations with neighboring civilizations.

Leveraging their Fertile trait and Population Boom, the Purrshan League utilizes their fast Growth and colonizes several high-class planets. Diplomats are appointed to manage relations with neighboring civilizations: Bara Millin becomes the Diplomat to the Altarians, aiming to influence cultural flips, while Jackie Chanler strategically increases Crime within the Yor’s territory when assigned as their Diplomat.

Charles Jones takes up the role of Governor on the paradise world of Cinabar III, using his high Intelligence to increase Research efforts there. Yet, with a limited pool of Leaders for recruitment, it appears the Purrshan League must leave their three remaining planets as only Colonies for now.

Or so they thought! A breakthrough occurs when they discover Leadership Recruiting in the Governance Tech Tree, introducing the Invite Leaders Executive Order. This enables the immediate replenishment of recruitable Leaders at a small Control cost, allowing them to convert a couple more Colonies into Core Worlds.

Economic challenges and solutions

Expanding rapidly takes a toll on Felora Clawheart’s intergalactic bank account. In dire need of resources, the Purrshan League switches out Population Boom for Land Exploitation in Civilization Policies, gaining a substantial economic boost but increases Pollution. The Purrshan’s natural Fertility partially counteracts these ecological consequences, and they plan to return to a more sustainable population growth once their finances stabilize.

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Factions play a vital role in enhancing Population Growth during periods of high Pollution. A Leader is assigned to the Natural League, slightly increasing Food expenditure but ensuring continued population growth amidst the environmental challenges. Later on, Leaders can be added to the Warforged Faction to bolster Military manufacturing output.

Commanders & soldiers

With war on the horizon, the Purrshan League gears up to reclaim Altair. Planetary Mobilization transforms their Citizens into Soldiers, and Planetary Invasion unlocks Transports for swift deployment.

As expected, Altarian-backed rebels incite a rebellion on Merlin II, leading to a decisive declaration of war. The Purrshan League assembles fleets under the command of Adam Isoda, the newly recruited Commander of The Gaze, a powerful warship.

After constructing Transports, they embark on a daring mission to Altair, bolstered by technological advances such as Stellar Marines, Drone Soldiers, and Killbots. The Altarians are blindsided and ultimately overwhelmed by the superior forces of the Purrshan League. Altair quickly falls, and Merlin II is saved, marking a significant victory for the space cats.

Citizens and Leaders are the unsung heroes who shape the fate of civilizations. Their management is pivotal to industrial progress and the success of interstellar campaigns. As you embark on your own gaming adventures, remember the lessons learned from the Purrshan League’s journey: manage your human resources, and prepare for the challenges that await!

Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova is available now.

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