Super Mario Bros. Wonder Scores Another Round Of Previews Ahead Of Release
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Super Mario Bros. Wonder Generates More Excitement with New Previews Prior to Launch

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Receives Rave Reviews Ahead of Release

The highly anticipated release of Super Mario Bros. Wonder for the Nintendo Switch is just around the corner, and early previews of the game have been overwhelmingly positive. Gaming enthusiasts and industry experts alike are praising the game for its innovative gameplay, nostalgic charm, and impressive visuals.

GoNintendo: The 2D Evolution the Series Needs

Editor-in-Chief Kevin Cassidy of GoNintendo was quick to express his excitement for Super Mario Bros. Wonder. He stated, “Even with my short time with Super Mario Bros. Wonder, I have less than zero doubt this title will live up to that high-water mark for the franchise, and with ease.” Cassidy believes that the game has the potential to surpass the best 2D outings in the series.

God is a Geek: A Magical Adventure

God is a Geek describes the preview of Wonder as “magical.” The game captures the timeless and enchanting essence that fans have come to love in past Mario adventures. The sense of wonder and excitement is palpable, making it a highly anticipated title for Mario enthusiasts.

Pocket Tactics: A Commitment to Fresh Ideas

Pocket Tactics commends Super Mario Bros. Wonder for its commitment to fresh ideas. The game breaks traditional rules and forges its own unique personality. The combination of nostalgia and new concepts creates a captivating and refreshing experience. Nintendo’s ability to balance the old and the new is highly praised by Pocket Tactics.

Metro Game Central: A Return to Form

Metro Game Central declares Super Mario Bros. Wonder as a potential game-of-the-year contender. The game is hailed as a return to form for the 2D Mario series, reminiscent of the beloved Yoshi’s Island from 1995. The reviewer expresses excitement about the prospect of playing the entire game and believes it has the potential to surpass even the highly acclaimed Yoshi’s Island.

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GamesRadar+: Hooked on the Magic

GamesRadar+ news writer Hope Bellingham is already captivated by Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Bellingham states, “There’s so many levels, characters, and Badges in Super Mario Bros. Wonder that I didn’t get to explore, so it’s got me excited to not only play the full game, but to also play it again as other characters, and with friends and family.” The game’s depth and replayability have already hooked Bellingham, who compares her excitement to the obsession she had with New Super Mario Bros. in 2006.

Release Date and Final Thoughts

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is set to be released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on October 20th. The early previews have generated significant buzz and excitement among gamers. The game’s innovative gameplay, nostalgic charm, and commitment to fresh ideas have garnered high praise from industry experts. With its release just around the corner, fans are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to embark on a magical adventure in the world of Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

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