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Sneak Peek: GOLF+ Teases Upcoming Visual Enhancements for Quest 3

GOLF+ to Receive Quest 3 Upgrade with Realistic Graphics


GOLF+, the popular golfing simulator on Oculus Quest 2, is set to receive a significant upgrade with the release of Oculus Quest 3. The CEO and founder of GOLF+, Ryan Engle, recently shared a comparison video showcasing the improved graphics on Quest 3 compared to Quest 2. This article will delve into the details of this upgrade and its impact on the gaming experience.

Quest 3 Upgrade: More Realistic Graphics

In response to a request for comparison videos between Quest 2 and Quest 3 editions, GOLF+ CEO Ryan Engle shared a video demonstrating the enhancements on Meta’s upcoming headset. The short video reveals improved lighting, textures, and shadows on Quest 3, making the golfing simulation more visually appealing and realistic.

Notably, the Quest 3 upgrade for GOLF+ won’t be available immediately upon the launch of the new headset on October 10. Engle informed UploadVR that players can expect the upgrade to arrive on October 12, just a couple of days after the Quest 3 release. While Quest 2 games and apps will be compatible with Quest 3, the higher default rendering resolution of Quest 3 will result in a 30% increase in resolution for almost all Quest 2 titles.

No Quest 3 Exclusives at Launch

During Connect 2023, Meta, the parent company of Oculus, revealed that Quest 3 will not have exclusives at its launch. However, the company confirmed that over 50 upgraded titles are in the pipeline, offering significant visual improvements. Apart from GOLF+, other popular games such as The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners, Red Matter 2, Zenith The Last City, Guardians Frontline, and Espire 2 will also receive enhancements on Quest 3.

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Bursting with Graphics Upgrades

A gameplay video showcasing the significant graphics upgrades on Quest 3 is available for viewing. Developers have demonstrated the impressive potential of Quest 3 with side-by-side comparisons, highlighting the visual improvements achievable on the new headset. The video serves as a testament to the enhanced experience players can expect on Quest 3.

As the video illustrates, the upgraded visuals offer a more immersive and engaging gameplay experience, adding depth and realism to the virtual worlds. The improved lighting, textures, and shadows contribute to a visually stunning environment, allowing players to feel more connected to the game.


With the forthcoming Quest 3 upgrade, GOLF+ is positioning itself as a golfing simulator with stunningly realistic graphics. The improvements in lighting, textures, and shadows on Quest 3 will undoubtedly enhance the immersive experience for players. As Meta prepares to release Quest 3, gamers can look forward to a new level of visual fidelity and enjoy the various upgraded titles that are set to accompany the launch.

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