Random: Super Mario Bros. Wonder Gets Fan-Made NES Commercial, And It's Brilliant
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Fan-Made NES Commercial for Super Mario Bros. Wonder Surfaces Randomly, and It’s Absolutely Brilliant

Super Mario Bros. Wonder NES Fan-Made Commercial Almost Had Us Fooled

Super Mario Bros. Wonder definitely isn’t coming out on the NES, but this excellent fan-made commercial almost convinced us that it was.

YouTuber LUIZ do Comercial has created various “fake commercials” for video games, and his latest creation is a work of 8-bit art. Luiz has taken the over-the-top style of ’80s commercial and combined it with actual gameplay of a reimagined Super Mario Bros. Wonder on the NES.

Luiz has done all of the spritework himself, much of which looks like a blend of Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Bros. 3’s visual style. But of course, given that there’s the new Elephant power-up, Luiz also had to create custom sprites for those, the Flower Coins, the Wonder Seed, and more.

There’s also some unique box art for this supposed NES game, clearly inspired by the box art for Super Mario Bros. 2, featuring Elephant Mario, and it looks very authentic to the original ’80s art style.

In the comments, Luiz told viewers that he was inspired by another channel’s own NES demake of Mario Wonder, Nimaginendo Games. This video is a full-blown gameplay showcase for a supposed old-school Mario platformer, whereas Luiz has taken the concept and created his own vision for the demake along with an advert.

What’s in the Video?

The fan-made commercial showcases Luiz’s impressive spritework and attention to detail. It starts with a typical ’80s commercial intro, complete with catchy jingle and fast-paced editing. The gameplay footage then kicks in, showing off the reimagined Super Mario Bros. Wonder on the NES.

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Luiz’s spritework is truly impressive, capturing the essence of the classic Mario games while adding his own unique touch. The Elephant power-up, in particular, stands out with its adorable sprite and fun gameplay mechanics.

The box art for the supposed NES game is also worth mentioning. It perfectly captures the nostalgic ’80s art style, with Elephant Mario front and center, ready for a new adventure.

Inspiration from Nimaginendo Games

Luiz credits Nimaginendo Games as the inspiration behind his fan-made commercial. Nimaginendo Games created their own NES demake of Mario Wonder, showcasing a full-blown gameplay experience. Luiz took this concept and added his own creative vision, resulting in the impressive fan-made commercial.

It’s clear that both Luiz and Nimaginendo Games share a love for the classic Mario games and wanted to bring that nostalgic experience to the NES.

Could We Get an NES Version?

While Super Mario Bros. Wonder is set to release on the Switch in a matter of weeks, the fan-made commercial by Luiz do Comercial has left us wondering: could we get an NES version too?

The attention to detail and the authentic ’80s art style showcased in the fan-made commercial make it clear that there is a demand for a reimagined Super Mario Bros. Wonder on the NES. Whether or not Nintendo will fulfill this demand remains to be seen.

For now, we can enjoy Luiz’s impressive spritework and creative vision in his fan-made commercial, and hope that one day we’ll get to experience Super Mario Bros. Wonder on the NES.

Check out Luiz’s fan-made commercial below, and let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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