Walmart's Pre-Order Bonuses For Super Mario Bros. Wonder Revealed (North America)
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Super Mario Bros. Wonder Pre-Order Bonuses Unveiled by Walmart in North America


Super Mario Bros. Wonder Pre-Order Goodies Revealed

Walmart Offers Exclusive Trading Card Pack for Super Mario Bros. Wonder Pre-Orders

Ahead of the highly anticipated release of Super Mario Bros. Wonder on the Nintendo Switch next month, retailers have started revealing their pre-order bonuses. Walmart in the US has just announced an exciting offer for fans who pre-order the game in-store or online. For the price of $59.99, customers will receive a free trading card pack.

The trading card pack includes a total of 15 base cards, 4 holofoil cards, and a limited edition holofoil. What makes this limited edition holofoil even more special is that it could be a rare Elephant Mario card, numbered 1 to 1000. These packs are only available through pre-orders, so fans are encouraged to secure their copy as soon as possible.

Walmart took to Twitter to share the news, stating, “BRB, planning trips to the Flower Kingdom this fall 🌼 Pre-order #SuperMarioBrosWonder now & get an exclusive free Trading Card Pack.” The tweet also included a link to pre-order the game from Walmart’s website.

Canadian Fans Can Get an Exclusive Pop-Out Magnet Set

If you’re located in Canada, Walmart has a special treat for you as well. Canadian customers who pre-order Super Mario Bros. Wonder for $79.96 will receive an exclusive pop-out magnet set. This unique bonus item adds an extra touch of fun to the pre-order package.

The pop-out magnet set features various characters from the game and is only available while supplies last. Walmart Canada Gaming shared the news on Twitter, saying, “We were Wondering if we could be even more excited… Receive a Pop-Out Magnet Set when you pre-order the Super Mario Bros. Wonder game for Nintendo Switch at Walmart Canada!”

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More Super Mario Bros. Wonder Deals and Pre-Order Information

For more information on the various pre-order deals available for Super Mario Bros. Wonder, fans can check out the Nintendo Life pre-order guide. It provides a comprehensive overview of all the pre-order bonuses offered by different retailers.


Super Mario Bros. Wonder is shaping up to be one of the most highly anticipated games of the year, and retailers are pulling out all the stops to entice fans to pre-order. With Walmart offering a free trading card pack in the US and an exclusive pop-out magnet set in Canada, fans have even more reasons to secure their copy early. Don’t miss out on these exciting pre-order bonuses!

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