Cliff Bleszinski Reflects on LawBreakers, Gives Update on Possible Revival
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Cliff Bleszinski Contemplates LawBreakers, Offers Insight into Potential Revival

LawBreakers: A Failed First-Person Shooter with Hints of a Possible Comeback

In 2017, the first-person shooter LawBreakers made its debut to positive reviews, but unfortunately, it failed to find a dedicated audience and was ultimately shut down in 2018. However, recent hints from director and gaming industry icon Cliff Bleszinski suggest that there may be more in store for the game.

“Curb Stomped by Blizzard”

During an interview with ComingSoon, Bleszinski was asked about the potential for a comeback for LawBreakers. He expressed his appreciation for the support the game received upon its launch but also pointed out that it was “curb stomped by Blizzard.” According to Bleszinski, the game fell victim to the highly competitive hero shooter genre, which was booming at the time.

Although LawBreakers received positive reception from both media and audiences, it simply did not generate enough revenue to sustain its future. Consequently, its servers were shut down in 2018. Bleszinski conveyed his disappointment at witnessing the declining numbers for the game, which ultimately prompted him to become more defiant on social media.

The Cost and Challenges of Game Development

Bleszinski also shed light on the financial and personal sacrifices he made during the development of LawBreakers. He mentioned that the game’s budget, though significant at $40 million, was comparatively low for a AAA video game. In contrast, he referenced the staggering costs associated with big-budget franchises like Call of Duty, which can reach billions. Bleszinski’s dedication to the project was evident as he revealed that he did not take a salary for two years while working relentlessly to bring LawBreakers to life.

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The director’s personal attachment to the game is evident when he described how the declining numbers affected him. He expressed his frustration with those who found joy in the failure of his studio, emphasizing that he poured his heart and soul into the project. Bleszinski’s transparency about the challenges faced by game developers resonated with his audience, as he highlighted the immense difficulty of creating something from scratch.

The Future of LawBreakers

Despite LawBreakers’ closure, Bleszinski hinted that there might be hope for a revival. He revealed that a friend with their own studio is considering bringing the game back to life. However, negotiations with Nexon, the publisher of LawBreakers, seem to be complicating the process. Bleszinski expressed frustration with Nexon’s handling of the rights and implied that the company’s stance might hinder any potential comeback for the game.

Bleszinski’s Continuing Influence in the Industry

Cliff Bleszinski’s impact on the gaming industry extends beyond LawBreakers. He remains an influential figure, even after the closure of his studio. Bleszinski expressed his pride in the work he and his team accomplished, highlighting the strong relationships he maintains with former colleagues. His defiant nature on social media stems from his belief that it is easier to criticize than to create, showcasing his resilience and determination to make a significant impact in the gaming world.

Conclusion: A Glimmer of Hope

While LawBreakers faced challenges and ultimately closed its servers, Cliff Bleszinski’s hints at a potential revival of the game spark optimism within the gaming community. The fate of LawBreakers rests on negotiations between Bleszinski’s friend and Nexon, making it difficult to determine if the game will ever make a triumphant return. Nevertheless, Bleszinski’s dedication to his work and his defiance in the face of criticism continue to inspire and resonate with gamers around the world.

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