Cuts at Team17 Could See One-Third of the Company Laid Off
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Team17 Faces Potential Layoffs as Cuts Could Affect One-Third of the Company

Team17 Could Lose Up to 91 Employees as part of Recent Cuts

Team17 could lose up to 91 employees, roughly one-third of its staff, as part of recent cuts at the company

British developer Team17, known for its work on the long-running Worms series, is facing the possibility of significant layoffs. According to the latest reports, the company could lose up to 91 employees, which amounts to approximately one-third of its workforce.

The Cuts and the Motivation Behind Them

The news of the potential layoffs broke after Eurogamer reported on the planned cuts at Team17. Just like many other companies in the gaming industry, Team17 is looking for ways to reduce operating costs in these uncertain economic times. The layoffs were initially focused on the developer’s QA teams but have now expanded to include departments such as marketing, IT, and HR.

Implications for Upcoming Projects

While some projects, like the upcoming release of Dredge: The Pale Reach DLC, are expected to proceed as planned, the layoffs could have a significant impact on other projects currently in development at Team17. Eurogamer was contacted by developers working on games set to be published by Team17, expressing concerns that their work could be disrupted by the mass layoffs. The lack of communication with Team17’s development partners has led to confusion and uncertainty.

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Industry-Wide Layoffs

The situation at Team17 is not unique. Several other gaming companies have also experienced significant downsizing in recent months. Telltale Games, known for its narrative-driven games, laid off a majority of its staff just last week. Epic Games, the developer behind the wildly popular Fortnite, is set to lay off nearly 900 employees. Ubisoft and Blizzard, two industry giants, also saw significant cuts to their workforce in late September. The economic uncertainties facing the gaming industry have forced many companies to make tough decisions.

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The Potential Long-Term Impact

Mass layoffs in the gaming industry could have long-lasting negative repercussions. The sudden loss of talented individuals and the disruption of ongoing projects may leave a void that is difficult to fill. This could not only impact the affected companies but also the industry as a whole. The competitive nature of the gaming industry and the pressure to remain profitable in challenging economic conditions raise concerns about the long-term sustainability and innovation in the gaming world.

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