Epic Denies Fall Guys Developer Mediatonic Has Been Closed Due to Layoffs
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Epic Dismisses Closure Rumors of Fall Guys Developer Mediatonic Due to Layoffs

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Epic Games Lays Off Employees, Mediatonic’s Fate Uncertain

Earlier today, gaming giant Epic Games made the difficult decision to lay off approximately 16% of its employees, leading to rumors about the possible closure of Mediatonic, the renowned developer behind the popular game Fall Guys. While Epic has released a statement clarifying that these rumors were false, it is undeniable that today’s move has heavily impacted Mediatonic.

Social Media Outpour

Following the announcement of the layoffs, numerous affected employees have taken to social media platforms to express their frustrations and seek new opportunities. Murder By Numbers game director Ed Fear revealed that he was “absolutely devastated” to leave behind his beloved Mediatonic colleagues. In a powerful image shared by an anonymous colleague, the emotional toll of this event was exemplified.

  • Roles affected by the layoffs include Fall Guys level designers, video editors, video producers, and artists.

Rumors Dispelled

Contrary to previous reports suggesting that all Mediatonic employees were laid off, an Epic Games spokesperson declared these claims as false. The spokesperson referred to an earlier email from Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney, assuring that the company would continue investing in Fall Guys, as well as providing ongoing support for Fortnite and Rocket League.

The Epic-Mediatonic Connection

Mediatonic joined forces with Epic Games in March 2021, resulting in Fall Guys becoming an Epic Games developer. This collaboration led to Fall Guys exclusively moving to the Epic Games Store, while console versions remained unaffected. In June 2022, Fall Guys adopted a free-to-play model similar to the massively successful Fortnite, marking a milestone in the game’s evolution.

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Uncertain Future for Fall Guys Updates

The recent Fall Force update, which introduced new features for Fall Guys Creative and promised a set of exciting upcoming Rounds, was released just a day before the layoffs. It remains uncertain whether these scheduled Rounds will be released as planned.

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