Alan Wake 2 Dev Explains Two Biggest Challenges Of Working With Xbox Series S
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Alan Wake 2 Developer Shares Main Obstacles Faced When Collaborating with Xbox Series S

Alan Wake 2: Remedy Talks Performance and Challenges on Xbox Series S


As the release of Alan Wake 2 for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S approaches, Remedy Communications Director Thomas Puha recently spoke with IGN about the game’s performance mode and the specific challenges posed by the Series S console.

The Challenges of Xbox Series S

Puha highlighted two main challenges presented by the Xbox Series S during development: the lower GPU and memory compared to the Series X. He explained that while the CPU is similar between the two consoles, the GPU and memory limitations of the Series S are significant obstacles. Puha’s comments shed light on the difficulties faced by developers in optimizing games for the Series S.

Scaling for PC vs. Console

Remedy is known for developing games on both PC and consoles, which led Puha to address the misconception that scaling games for PC and consoles is the same. He emphasized that memory is not a problem on PC, as there are numerous configurations to consider. However, on consoles like the Series S, the team had to put in considerable effort to ensure a solid gaming experience.

Alan Wake 2 on Xbox Series S

Puha assured players that despite the hardware differences between the Xbox Series X and Series S, Remedy has worked diligently to ensure that Alan Wake 2 will run smoothly at a solid 30FPS on the Series S. However, Puha noted that for the full next-gen experience, with the game’s best visuals, players should opt for the more powerful Series X.

Impressions of 60FPS Performance Mode

In addition to discussing the challenges of developing for the Series S, Puha also shared his impressions of the 60FPS performance mode for Alan Wake 2 on the Series X. While he acknowledged that the performance is impressive, Puha personally expressed a preference for playing at 30FPS.

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Despite the inherent limitations of the Xbox Series S, Puha’s remarks assure fans that they can expect a solid gaming experience with Alan Wake 2 on the console. With the game’s release approaching, players will soon have the opportunity to experience the next chapter in Alan Wake’s thrilling journey.

What do you think of the challenges faced by developers in optimizing games for Xbox Series S? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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