Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways DLC Hits Xbox Series X|S Next Week
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Next Week, Xbox Series X|S to Receive Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways DLC

Resident Evil 4 DLC Adds Separate Ways and Mercenaries Update

This week brings exciting news for fans of the iconic survival horror game, Resident Evil 4. Capcom has announced that new DLC content will be released on September 21st, 2023, adding even more incredible gameplay to an already beloved title.

Separate Ways DLC

One of the highlights of this upcoming DLC is the addition of the Separate Ways mode. This post-campaign minigame, which has been included in most releases of the original Resident Evil 4, will now receive a fresh update, providing players with a new and enhanced experience. The Separate Ways DLC will shed light on the parallel journey of Ada Wong as she navigates through the events of Resident Evil 4. By playing through both Ada and Leon’s perspectives, players will gain a deeper understanding of the main story and uncover answers to previously unanswered questions.

“Separate Ways tells the story of Ada Wong and her parallel journey through the events of Resident Evil 4, filling in unanswered questions from the main story. The full story will be revealed as you view both sides of events from both Ada and Leon’s viewpoints.”

For those eager to catch a glimpse of the updated Separate Ways mode, Capcom has scheduled an exciting gameplay trailer reveal on September 18th. Set your calendars and get ready for an intriguing preview of what’s to come!

Mercenaries Update

In addition to the Separate Ways mode, the upcoming DLC will also introduce a Mercenaries update. Fans can look forward to playing as two new characters, Ada Wong and Albert Wesker, in this action-packed game mode. The best part? It seems that players won’t need to purchase the DLC to access these new characters, making the Mercenaries update accessible to all players.

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With the addition of Ada Wong and Albert Wesker, the Mercenaries mode is set to become even more thrilling and diverse. Whether you prefer Ada Wong’s tactical skills or Albert Wesker’s agility, these new characters will offer a fresh and exhilarating experience for players.

Trailer and Screenshots

If you’re itching to get a sneak peek of the updated content, look no further. The DLC trailer is now available for viewing, giving players a glimpse into the intense gameplay that awaits them. And to further amp up the excitement, screenshots have been released, offering a visual treat for fans eagerly awaiting the DLC’s release.


Resident Evil 4 continues to captivate players with its gripping storyline and immersive gameplay. The upcoming DLC, featuring the Separate Ways mode and Mercenaries update, adds new dimensions to an already impressive game. Whether you’re following Ada Wong through her parallel journey or indulging in intense Mercenaries action with the new characters, this DLC promises to deliver enthralling experiences for Resident Evil 4 enthusiasts.

Are you excited about the Resident Evil 4 DLC? Let us know in the comments!


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