Was Sony's Latest State of Play Worth the Wait?
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Was Sony’s Latest State of Play as Hyped as Expected?

Sony’s State of Play Showcases Indie and Third-Party Games

Sony recently held another State of Play showcase, giving gamers a glimpse into the world of indie and third-party games. While this livestream may not have had the same level of hype as previous events, it still had some exciting announcements and reveals that caught the attention of fans.

Main Highlights

  • Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Launch Date: The biggest news from the State of Play livestream was the announcement of the launch date for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Fans can mark their calendars for February 29, 2024, when this highly anticipated PS5 exclusive will finally be available.
  • Resident Evil 4 DLC: Another exciting reveal was the announcement of a DLC expansion called “Separate Ways” for the critically acclaimed game Resident Evil 4. This new content promises to provide players with fresh challenges and experiences within the Resident Evil universe.
  • Tales of Arise Expansion: Fans of the popular RPG series Tales of Arise were treated to the news of an upcoming expansion. Although specific details about the expansion were not provided, players can expect it to offer further immersion and excitement.
  • Focus on Indies: The State of Play livestream also dedicated significant time to showcasing upcoming indie titles. One game that stood out was Baby Steps, which has gained attention for its unique art style and immersive gameplay mechanics.

Feedback and Poll

Sony values the feedback and opinions of the gaming community, and after the State of Play livestream, a poll was conducted to gauge viewers’ reactions to the announcements. Here are the results:

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Excellent 9%
Very good 17%
Good 22%
Okay 20%
Poor 13%
Very poor 9%
Terrible 10%

Opinions varied, but it is clear that a significant portion of the audience found the State of Play livestream impressive, with 48% rating it as either excellent or very good. However, there were also those who felt that the announcements fell short of their expectations.


The State of Play livestream from Sony showcased a variety of exciting games, including the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. The addition of DLC for Resident Evil 4 and an expansion for Tales of Arise further added to the appeal of the event. Additionally, the focus on indie titles like Baby Steps highlighted Sony’s commitment to supporting smaller developers.

Despite varying opinions, the State of Play livestream provided something for everyone, sparking both excitement and debate within the gaming community. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, events like State of Play serve as a platform for developers to connect directly with their audience, generating anticipation and setting the stage for future releases.

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