PS Store Ad Suggests The Last of Us 2 May Soon Be Heading to PS Plus
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Potential PS Store Advertisement Hints at Possible Arrival of The Last of Us 2 on PS Plus in the Near Future

**Title: PS Store Ad Suggests The Last of Us 2 May Be Heading to PS Plus**

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Sony might have inadvertently revealed one of the games heading to PS Plus Extra’s game catalogue in the near future, and it’s a big one. The Last of Us: Part II, one of PS4’s best games, appears to be coming to the subscription service.

## A Big Surprise for PS Plus Subscribers
According to a new promotional tile on the PS5’s PS Store (spotted by TwistedVoxel), Sony may be adding The Last of Us: Part II to its PS Plus lineup. The inclusion of this highly-acclaimed game alongside other prominent titles on the ad has led to speculation that it will soon be available for PS Plus subscribers.

## Implications of the PS Store Ad
The PS Store ad showcases three games: Horizon Forbidden West, which is already on PS Plus Extra; Hogwarts Legacy, which currently has a game trial on PS Plus Premium; and The Last of Us: Part II, which is currently not on the service. Placing the Naughty Dog sequel alongside a PS Plus ad strongly suggests that the game is due to make its way to the PS Plus library.

## Announcement and Release Speculations
Sony is expected to announce new additions to PS Plus Extra and Premium this week (Wednesday 11th October), making the timing even more intriguing. While it’s possible that The Last of Us: Part II may not be included in October’s lineup and arrive later, its appearance in a PS Plus ad seems unusual if it’s not coming soon.

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## First-Party Titles on PS Plus Extra
Sony has been regularly adding its first-party titles to PS Plus Extra. Games like Forbidden West and Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection joined the lineup earlier this year. Therefore, it would make sense to include Ellie and Abby’s intense action adventure in the PS Plus collection as well.

## Feedback from the Gaming Community
The news of The Last of Us: Part II potentially coming to PS Plus has sparked excitement and anticipation among fans. We would love to hear your thoughts on this development. Do you want to see The Last of Us: Part II on PS Plus? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

**In Summary**
Sony’s PS Store ad has hinted at a major addition to the PS Plus catalog. The Last of Us: Part II, one of the top games for PS4, seems to be heading to the subscription service. While we await the official announcement, the appearance of the game in a PS Plus ad suggests that it may soon be available to play for free or at a reduced cost for PS Plus subscribers. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting development.

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