Cliff Bleszinski Would Love to See an Unreal Remaster
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Cliff Bleszinski Expresses Desire for an Unreal Remaster

“What Did Cliff Bleszinski Say About a Possible Unreal Remaster?”

“What Did Cliff Bleszinski Say About a Possible Unreal Remaster?”

The Unreal video game franchise is one of the longest and most well-regarded first-person shooter series in gaming history. According to gaming industry icon Cliff Bleszinski, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney may have plans for the series.

What did Cliff Bleszinski say about a possible Unreal remaster?

Speaking to ComingSoon, Bleszinski — who served as a designer on Unreal, Unreal Tournament, and various other Unreal Tournament sequels — acknowledged the fan demand for a remastered version of the 1998 game.

  • Bleszinski revealed that Nightdive Studios, known for obtaining rights to abandonware games and updating them, had expressed interest in remastering the original Unreal. They even reached out to Tim Sweeney, the CEO of Epic Games, to discuss the possibilities.
  • However, Bleszinski hinted that Sweeney may have other plans for the Unreal franchise.

Although Bleszinski couldn’t disclose the specific plans, he mentioned that Sweeney has “longer distance plans” for Unreal, indicating that there might be more in store for the beloved series.

Reflecting on his departure from Epic Games, Bleszinski expressed his wishes for a remastered version of the original Unreal, stating, “Please remaster the first Unreal.” He emphasized his satisfaction with no longer needing to engage in creative decision arguments and his happiness in his personal life.

What does this mean for the future of Unreal?

The conversation surrounding a possible Unreal remaster ignited excitement among fans earlier this year. While Nightdive Studios was interested in obtaining the rights to remaster the game, it seems that Epic Games has different plans.

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As the developer and publisher of the Unreal franchise, Epic Games holds the power to determine the future of Unreal. With Tim Sweeney at the helm, it’s clear that the company has a roadmap for the series that extends beyond a simple remaster.

It could be speculated that Epic Games may be planning to capitalize on the franchise’s rich history while exploring new innovations, enhancing the Unreal experience for both new and old players alike. Whether this means a full-fledged sequel, a reimagined version, or a complete overhaul of the original remains to be seen.

Unreal has always been known for pushing the boundaries of graphics and gameplay, setting the standard for first-person shooters. With advancements in technology and the gaming industry evolving at an unprecedented pace, the potential for the future of Unreal is both exciting and potentially limitless.

For now, fans can speculate and eagerly await any official news or announcements from Epic Games regarding the future of the iconic franchise.

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