Activision Boss Hints a Guitar Hero Revival Could Be on the Cards
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Possible Guitar Hero Revival Suggested by Activision CEO

Guitar Hero May Make a Comeback, Says Activision CEO

Guitar Hero, the iconic plastic instrument rhythm game that took the gaming world by storm, may be making a long-awaited comeback. In a recent all-hands meeting held by Activision’s CEO, Bobby Kotick, it was hinted that the beloved franchise might be returning in some form. Kotick discussed the company’s future, including Microsoft’s potential acquisition of Activision for nearly $70 billion, and emphasized the importance of incorporating emerging technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI).

Exciting Potential for the Future

Kotick acknowledged Microsoft’s heavy investment in research and its potential benefits for Activision’s future endeavors. As an example of the possibilities enabled by these resources, he specifically mentioned the revival of Guitar Hero. According to Kotick, “The re-emergence of Guitar Hero and other things would not be possible without the different types of resources, and so, you know, just the endless possibilities for the future that are just incredibly exciting.”

This is not the first time Kotick has alluded to the return of Guitar Hero. In an earlier meeting, he highlighted the role of AI in revolutionizing game development and expressed his vision for a new Guitar Hero experience. He emphasized that until now, the practical implementation of AI in games had been limited by processing power constraints.

Potential Impact of AI on Guitar Hero

During the previous meeting, Kotick mentioned that the significant advancements in AI, combined with the processing power available in modern devices such as phones, computers, and game consoles, could finally bring his vision for a new Guitar Hero to life. He stated, “If you take an example of a thing like Guitar Hero, I’ve always had this vision for what a new Guitar Hero product could be, but without having AI […] and then the processors embedded either in phones, in computers, or in game consoles, that allow you to actually have the speed of processing to enable that AI, we’ve never been in a place where AI is going to have practical reality and applicability for games until now.”

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Eager Fans Await the Return

While Kotick’s comments do not serve as a definite confirmation of a new Guitar Hero, they certainly hint at his enthusiasm for bringing back the iconic franchise. The original Guitar Hero and its rival, Rock Band, dominated the plastic instrument rhythm game scene but eventually faded away. Fans have long awaited a new entry that caters to modern gaming experiences and advancements in technology.

With the potential revival of Guitar Hero, gamers can anticipate a fresh and innovative take on the franchise, potentially incorporating AI and other exciting technologies. It remains to be seen how Activision plans to reintroduce the beloved game, but the prospect of dusting off those plastic guitars and rocking out once again is certainly tantalizing for fans around the world.

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