PAYDAY 3's Chaotic Launch Experience Prompts CEO Apology
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CEO Apologizes for Chaotic Launch Experience of PAYDAY 3

Multiplayer Heist Sim PAYDAY 3 Faces Major Launch Issues

September 25, 2023

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The highly anticipated multiplayer heist simulation game, PAYDAY 3, has encountered numerous issues since its launch. Players across various platforms have reported severe server and matchmaking problems, making it difficult for them to access and enjoy the game. The always-online requirement further compounds the frustration, leaving players unable to fully experience the title.

Early Access Woes

Troubles began for PlayStation 5 players during the game’s “early access” period on September 18. Those who had paid extra for early access were met with disappointment as they discovered they were playing an incorrect build of the game, which was later attributed to Sony’s error. The correct version of the game was eventually rolled out the following day, but the issues persisted.

CEO Tobias Sjögren of Starbreeze Studios, the game’s developer, issued an apology for the inexcusable launch issues. In a tweet, he expressed his regret and acknowledged that the infrastructure did not hold up as expected. Sjögren assured players that the team was working tirelessly to resolve the problems and restore normal gameplay.

A Weekend Plagued by Connectivity Issues

The problems continued throughout the weekend, affecting players on all platforms. Numerous reports flooded online forums and social media, detailing frustrating connectivity issues and the inability to access the game. The game’s official Twitter account acknowledged the ongoing problems, stating that the recovery efforts had stalled and functionality was still impaired.

One of the major drawbacks of PAYDAY 3’s always-online requirement is the inability for players to carry out missions offline with AI-controlled companions. This departure from the offline capabilities of PAYDAY 2 only exacerbates the issues and adds to player frustration.

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Ongoing Efforts to Restore Service

As of today, Monday the 25th, servers for PAYDAY 3 remain unavailable. The development team continues to work tirelessly to rectify the issues and ensure players can resume their heisting adventures without obstacles. Further updates and announcements from the official PAYDAY 3 account are expected as the team works towards resolving the ongoing problems.


PAYDAY 3’s troubled launch has caused significant inconvenience for players eagerly anticipating the cooperative heist experience. The persistent server and matchmaking issues, coupled with the always-online requirement, have hampered the game’s accessibility and enjoyment. However, the development team’s dedication to resolving the problems instills hope that players will soon be able to dive into the immersive world of PAYDAY 3 without further setbacks.

Have you Experienced PAYDAY 3’s Launch Issues?

If you’ve encountered challenges while playing PAYDAY 3 or have any insights to share, we would love to hear from you. Let us know in the comments section below.


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