Nintendo maintenance schedule - October 8, 2023
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October 8, 2023: Updated Nintendo Maintenance Schedule

Nintendo Switch eShop Maintenance Schedule Revealed for October 2023

Nintendo Switch Maintenance

We have a look at the latest Nintendo maintenance schedule for the week of October 8, 2023. At least for now, only one session has been added for the Switch eShop – which is happening later in the month.

Full Maintenance Schedule

Switch eShop – using prepaid funds cards / using download codes

  • 8:45 PM PT (October 24) – 2 AM PT (October 25)
  • 11:45 PM ET (October 24) – 5 AM ET (October 25)
  • 4:45 AM in the UK (October 25) – 10 AM in the UK (October 25)
  • 5:45 AM in Europe (October 25) – 11 AM in Europe (October 25)

For more information, you can visit the official Nintendo website.

What Does This Maintenance Mean for Nintendo Switch Users?

As avid Nintendo Switch users eagerly await the latest updates and game releases on the eShop, it’s essential to be aware of any scheduled maintenance that may affect their gaming experience. The recently revealed maintenance schedule for the week of October 8, 2023, sheds light on the upcoming session for the Switch eShop, specifically focused on using prepaid funds cards and download codes.

While it may be disappointing to hear about maintenance periods, they are crucial for ensuring a smooth and secure online gaming platform. During these maintenance sessions, Nintendo’s dedicated teams work diligently to improve the eShop’s functionality, fix any potential bugs, and enhance the overall user experience.

Understanding the Maintenance Schedule

The maintenance session for the Switch eShop, as detailed in the schedule, will take place on October 24, 2023. The specific timings for different regions are as follows:

Region Start Time End Time
Pacific Time (PT) 8:45 PM (October 24) 2:00 AM (October 25)
Eastern Time (ET) 11:45 PM (October 24) 5:00 AM (October 25)
United Kingdom (UK) 4:45 AM (October 25) 10:00 AM (October 25)
Europe 5:45 AM (October 25) 11:00 AM (October 25)

It’s important to note that during the maintenance period, users may experience temporary disruptions in accessing the eShop, making purchases, or redeeming download codes. It is advisable to plan gaming activities accordingly and avoid any inconveniences.

Preparing for the Maintenance Session

While the maintenance session is inevitable, there are a few steps Nintendo Switch users can take to minimize any potential disruptions:

  • Plan ahead: If you have any pending purchases or downloads, consider completing them before the maintenance session begins.
  • Stay informed: Keep an eye on official Nintendo announcements and social media channels for any updates or changes to the maintenance schedule.
  • Explore offline options: If online features are temporarily inaccessible, take the opportunity to enjoy offline games, explore single-player campaigns, or catch up on any pending achievements.
  • Engage with the community: Use the maintenance session as an opportunity to connect with fellow Nintendo Switch users, share gaming experiences, and discover new game recommendations.

By following these simple steps, Nintendo Switch users can ensure a seamless gaming experience and make the most out of the maintenance session.


As Nintendo continues to prioritize the stability and performance of the Switch eShop, periodic maintenance sessions are necessary. The recently revealed schedule for the week of October 8, 2023, highlights an upcoming maintenance session specifically focused on using prepaid funds cards and download codes. By being aware of these maintenance periods and taking the necessary precautions, Nintendo Switch users can navigate the temporary disruptions and continue enjoying their favorite games on the platform.

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