Vampire Survivors Switch Icon Updated In Latest Patch (Version 1.6.108)
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Latest Patch (Version 1.6.108) Brings Updated Switch Icon for Vampire Survivors

News Article: Vampire Survivors Update 1.6.108 Released on Nintendo Switch

Vampire Survivors Update 1.6.108 Released on Nintendo Switch

The hit indie release Vampire Survivors made its debut on the Switch last month and since then it’s received some updates. The latest one (Version 1.6.108) has now been released on Nintendo’s hybrid system and it contains all sorts of fixes and improvements for both the main game and DLC.

The most notable additions in this update include:

  • Added language support for Chinese (Traditional)
  • Updated game icon
  • Updated credits

Players can now enjoy the game with added language support for Chinese (Traditional), making it accessible to a wider audience. The updated game icon brings a fresh look to the home menu, enhancing the visual experience for players.

Vampire Survivors - Nintendo Life IMG
Vampire Survivors - Nintendo Life IMG
Images: Old icon (left), new icon (right)

The update also includes various bug fixes and improvements, enhancing the overall gameplay experience. Some notable fixes include:

  • Fix for revives triggering twice
  • Fixes for particle effect sizes and duration on Level Up and Arcana
  • Various small fixes for VFX at different aspect ratios
  • Pentagram flash now obeys Flashing VFX in the options
  • UI pages can now be scrolled quickly using shoulder buttons on controllers

These fixes address specific issues reported by players, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience.

The PC version of Vampire Survivors is currently on Version 1.6.109, which was released earlier this week on September 14th.

If you haven’t played Vampire Survivors yet, now is the perfect time to dive in. In our review, we gave the game high praise and strongly encourage everyone to give it a try. With a price tag of $4.99 / £3.99 or the regional equivalent, it offers great value for the gameplay experience it delivers. Additionally, there is also some exciting DLC available for players to explore.

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Have you tried out this latest update yet? What do you think of the icon change? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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