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Minecraft Education and Hispanic Heritage Foundation Collaborate for LatinExplorers 2, Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Team Xbox Celebrates Hispanic Heritage with Gaming Initiatives

Hispanic Heritage Month is underway, and Team Xbox is joining the celebration by highlighting the contributions of Hispanic and Latino communities to the gaming industry. From showcasing diverse game characters to supporting organizations that empower Hispanic communities, Xbox is committed to fostering representation, inclusion, and positive impact.

Gaming and Impact with Microsoft Rewards

During September and October, Microsoft Rewards members in the United States can earn and donate points to organizations that support Hispanic communities. Xbox has partnered with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation and CARE, two organizations that work towards education, workforce development, and social impact. By playing games, completing Game Pass Quests, and making select purchases, gamers can accumulate Rewards points and contribute to the causes they care about.

Enhancing Representation and Engaging in Learning with Minecraft Education

Xbox is excited to announce the launch of LatinExplorers 2, a new world in Minecraft Education that explores the journeys of three powerful Hispanic mentors – Gloria Estefan, Dr. Ellen Ochoa, and Monica Ramirez. Developed in partnership with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation, LatinExplorers 2 not only provides an immersive gaming experience but also promotes perseverance, kindness, creativity, and leadership. This educational resource aims to empower young people and inspire them to make a positive impact.

Exploring Games Curated by Hispanic and Latino Communities

Xbox is committed to highlighting the stories, experiences, and achievements of Hispanic and Latino communities through gaming. Throughout September and beyond, Microsoft Stores on Xbox and Windows will feature a collection of games created by Hispanic and Latino developers, featuring playable characters and titles influenced by Hispanic and Latino cultures. With games like Just Cause 4: Reloaded, Valorant, Aztech: Forgotten Gods, and Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, gamers can immerse themselves in diverse narratives and celebrate the rich cultural heritage.

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Artist Catalina Estrada Designs Xbox Logo Redesign

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Xbox collaborated with Colombian artist Catalina Estrada to design the artwork for this year’s campaign. Catalina’s vibrant illustration represents the diversity, traditions, and contributions of the Hispanic community. Inspired by the rainforest and cultural values of kinship and resilience, the artwork captures the enduring beauty of Hispanic heritage. Check out Catalina’s work on her website to explore her rich artistic creations.

Xbox Ambassadors Spotlight Hispanic and Latino Representation in Gaming

The Xbox Ambassadors Program is showcasing several Xbox Ambassadors this Hispanic Heritage Month. These Ambassadors share their personal stories and experiences, emphasizing the connection between gaming and their heritage. By celebrating Hispanic game developers and connecting with fellow Hispanic gamers, they highlight the growing presence and impact of the Hispanic community in the gaming industry.

New Gamerpics, Profile Theme, and Avatar Items for Hispanic Heritage Month

Xbox is introducing new gamerpics, profile themes, avatar items, and wallpapers inspired by Hispanic Heritage Month. These items celebrate the culture, traditions, and contributions of the Hispanic and Latino communities. Xbox users have the opportunity to personalize their gaming experience and show their support for Hispanic heritage through these exciting additions.

As Hispanic Heritage Month continues, Team Xbox is dedicated to promoting diversity, representation, and positive impact within the gaming community. Through partnerships, initiatives, and engaging content, Xbox is creating an inclusive environment where gamers from all backgrounds can celebrate their heritage and enjoy the world of gaming.

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