Mario & Sonic Face Off On Switch This October - Whose Corner Are You In?
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Choose Your Side: Mario & Sonic Battle on Switch in October – Whose Team Are You On?

Super Mario Bros. Wonder vs Sonic Superstars: A 2D Showdown


In mid-October, two gaming titans will go head-to-head in a 2D showdown that has fans buzzing with excitement. Super Mario Bros. Wonder and Sonic Superstars, the latest entries in their respective series, are set to release within 72 hours of each other. This direct competition between Mario and Sonic is unprecedented, making it a special event for gamers.

A Brief History of Mario and Sonic

While Mario and Sonic have crossed paths in various games, this is the first time they will directly compete in the platforming genre. Looking back, there has never been a direct comparison between the two. Sonic made his debut on the Genesis in North America on June 23, 1991, while Super Mario World arrived on August 23 of the same year. Although Super Mario Land 2 and Sonic 2 were both released in November 1992, the power difference between the Game Boy and Genesis made it difficult to compare these 2D classics.

Throughout the years, Mario and Sonic have managed to avoid releasing their flagship platformers simultaneously. The closest they came was in November 2011 when New Super Mario Bros. U launched for the Wii U four days before Sonic Generations, although the latter was on the 3DS. In 2017, Mario Odyssey and Sonic Forces, both 3D platformers, launched within 10 days of each other. However, for the purpose of this article, we will focus on the two-dimensional plane.

The Excitement of Rivalry

The simultaneous release of Super Mario Bros. Wonder and Sonic Superstars has created a sense of nostalgic rivalry among fans. Both characters are gaming icons and have a dedicated fan base. Historically, Mario has been the more successful franchise, but Sonic Superstars has the potential to be the 2D game that does justice to the Sonic series while bringing something new to the table.

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Is It a Good Idea?

Sega’s decision to release Sonic Superstars just three days before Mario’s Super Mario Bros. Wonder on the Nintendo Switch raises the question of whether it is a wise move. Some may argue that the timing is unlucky and could negatively impact Sonic’s sales. However, others believe that good games will find success regardless of release dates. Ultimately, the more platforming options available, the merrier for gamers.

Reader Polls

Readers have been invited to participate in two polls to voice their opinions on the 2D showdown between Mario and Sonic. The first poll asks whether the simultaneous release of the two games is a good idea, with options to vote “No,” “Let’s hope they’re good,” or “Sure, the more the merrier!” The second poll asks readers to choose between Mario and Sonic, with options to vote for either character or select “I’ll be bagging both,” “Waiting for reviews,” or “Neither, just gimme the popcorn.”


The release of Super Mario Bros. Wonder and Sonic Superstars within a few days of each other has created a buzz of excitement among gamers. This direct competition between Mario and Sonic is a rare occurrence and adds to the nostalgic rivalry between the two franchises. While the outcome is uncertain, one thing is clear: gamers are the ultimate winners in this 2D showdown.

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