First-Party Firesprite's Dark PS5 Horror Could Be Due in 2025
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Firesprite’s Dark PS5 Horror Game May Potentially Launch in 2025

Firesprite’s Dark Horror PS5 Exclusive Could Launch in 2025

Firesprite, one of Sony’s biggest first-party developers, is rumored to be working on a dark horror PS5 exclusive set to launch in 2025. The information was discovered on the Art Station page of former Firesprite employee, concept artist Agnes Hvalstad, before it was edited. Screenshots of the page were captured by ResetEra, providing a glimpse into the potential release date.

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Although the game’s release has not been officially acknowledged by Sony, Hvalstad’s LinkedIn profile leaves little room for doubt. She lists her role as a concept artist on a “AAA quality, dark horror project.” This suggests that the game is indeed in development and could potentially be released in 2025.

It’s worth noting that the game was initially listed with a 2023 release date on Hvalstad’s Art Station page before being changed to 2025. It remains unclear whether this was a mistake or if the game’s release date was adjusted. However, with Firesprite’s reputation as a top-tier developer, expectations for this project are undoubtedly high.

In addition to the dark horror exclusive, Firesprite is also rumored to be working on a Twisted Metal reboot. However, with the recent release of the television show, the window for a game announcement may have passed.

As of now, Sony has not made any official announcements regarding Firesprite’s upcoming projects. Fans will have to wait for more information to be released to get a clearer picture of what to expect from the studio.

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