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Disney begins Cracking down on Shared accounts

Disney is following in Netflix’s footsteps and cracking down on shared accounts for Disney+. Starting from November 1, the company will pilot a new policy prohibiting account sharing among users outside the subscriber’s household. This move aims to prevent unauthorized access to Disney+ content and maintain exclusivity for paying subscribers.

Prohibition of Shared Accounts

In an email sent to Canadian subscribers, Disney announced the upcoming change, although specific enforcement details were not provided. The email stated, “we are implementing restrictions on your ability to share your account or login credentials outside your home.” The announcement appears to be more of a stern warning than a comprehensive plan. The company’s updated Help Center reads, “You cannot share your subscription outside your home.”

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New “Account Sharing” Section in the Canadian Subscriber Agreement

A new “account sharing” section in the Canadian subscriber agreement highlights that Disney may “analyze the use of your account,” failure to comply could result in account limits or termination. This further emphasizes their commitment to preventing unauthorized sharing and ensuring that users adhere to the terms of their subscription.

Disney’s Active Exploration of Solutions

During the third-quarter earnings call, Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed that the company is actively researching ways to address shared accounts. Iger acknowledged a “significant” number of people currently sharing passwords for Disney services and stated that Disney has the technical capability to monitor logins. This demonstrates Disney’s commitment to maintaining its streaming platform’s integrity and safeguarding its paying subscribers’ interests.

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