First-Party Firesprite's Dark PS5 Horror Could Be Due in 2025
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Possible Release Date for Firesprite’s Dark PS5 Horror Game Could Be in 2025

Firesprite’s Dark Horror PS5 Exclusive Could Launch in 2025

Firesprite’s Dark Horror PS5 Exclusive Could Launch in 2025

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Firesprite’s long-rumoured dark horror PS5 exclusive could launch in 2025, according to the resume of a former employee. The information on concept artist Agnes Hvalstad’s Art Station page has since changed, but the Internet never sleeps, and ResetEra captured screenshots of the information prior to its edits.

The game is billed as a “TBA AAA project” and its year was previously set as 2025 before being adjusted to 2023. It’s unclear whether Hvalstad made a mistake and intended to list the period she worked on the game, or if it actually has a target 2025 release date. Her LinkedIn profile leaves little up for debate, however: “Concept artist on a AAA quality, dark horror project.”

Sony’s yet to officially acknowledge the release, so we’re obviously searching for scraps here. But Firesprite has expanded to become one of the platform holder’s biggest first-party developers, and therefore expectations will be high for whatever this turns out to be. It’s also rumoured to be working on a Twisted Metal reboot, although with the television show already out, it feels like the window to reveal that has somewhat passed.

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