Inescapable: No Rules, No Rescue Gets Sadistic 19th October Release on PS5, PS4
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PS5 and PS4 Release Date for “Inescapable: No Rules, No Rescue” Unveiled as October 19

Inescapable: No Rules, No Rescue Release Date Announced

Inescapable: No Rules, No Rescue Release Date Announced

Dreamloop Games has recently announced the release date for their highly anticipated murder-themed visual novel, Inescapable: No Rules, No Rescue. Fans of this genre can look forward to diving into the twisted reality TV show on October 19th. The game will be available on both PS5 and PS4.

Similar to the popular Danganronpa series, Inescapable: No Rules, No Rescue puts players in a situation where they must survive against all odds. The game revolves around a group of anime teens who are forced to participate in a depraved reality show, where there are no rules or laws to follow. The purpose of the show is to provide voyeuristic entertainment to a Dark Web audience.

While the ostensible prize is a hefty $500,000, the desire for wealth, social clout, and the darkest corners of human nature ensure that the body count will rise. Contestants must navigate the treacherous challenges and constantly be on guard against their fellow competitors, as everyone is out to beat the competition. Inescapable: No Rules, No Rescue promises to keep players on the edge of their seats.

To further build anticipation, Aksys Games, the publisher of Inescapable: No Rules, No Rescue, has released a tweet announcing the release date and offering pre-orders for the game. Players can pre-order the game by visiting [pre-order URL]

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What do you think of Inescapable: No Rules, No Rescue? Are you a fan of this genre of interactive visual novels? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Key Features of Inescapable: No Rules, No Rescue

  • Murder-themed visual novel in the style of Danganronpa

  • Participants must survive a twisted reality TV show with no rules or laws
  • Contestants compete for a $500,000 prize and the attention of a depraved Dark Web audience
  • Players must navigate treacherous challenges and be wary of their fellow competitors

  • Release date: October 19th, available on PS5 and PS4

Pre-Order Information

Release Date October 19th
Platforms PS5, PS4
Publisher Aksys Games
Pre-Order URL [pre-order URL]

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Inescapable: No Rules, No Rescue Gets Sadistic 19th October Release on PS5, PS4

Sadistic Release Date of “Inescapable: No Rules, No Rescue” Announced for PS5 and PS4 on October 19

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