What Video Game Consultants Actually Do, And Why ‘Kit & Krysta’ Are Doing It
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The Role of Video Game Consultants Unveiled: Discover Why ‘Kit & Krysta’ Excel in This Field

The Former Nintendo Employees Who Now Fix Games

Kit Ellis and Krysta Yang, former hosts of the popular Nintendo news and entertainment show “Nintendo Minute,” have launched their own video game consulting agency called Never A Minute Consulting. The duo, who worked at Nintendo for over eight years, have transitioned from their roles as Director of Social Marketing and Original Content (Kit) and Senior Manager of Creator Relations (Krysta) to offer their expertise and insights to game developers in need of marketing support and industry knowledge.

The Journey from Nintendo Minute to Game Consultants

During their time at Nintendo, Kit and Krysta hosted over 400 episodes of “Nintendo Minute,” a micro-show that covered a wide range of topics, from behind-the-scenes game developer updates to hands-on gameplay. While they were known for their comedic timing and entertaining content, their roles at Nintendo went beyond being on-screen personalities. They were deeply embedded in Nintendo of America’s senior team and had frequent contact with key figures at Nintendo of Japan.

However, their departure from Nintendo in January 2022 marked a turning point in their careers. Shortly after leaving the company, Kit and Krysta started “The Kit and Krysta Podcast,” a show that allowed them more creative freedom and a broader industry scope. This podcast served as a stepping stone to their next venture, Never A Minute Consulting.

The Role of Video Game Consultancy

Video game consultancy is a relatively small but diverse industry that offers specialized services to game developers. Companies like Popagenda and NPD Group provide publishing services and analytics, respectively, while other consultancies focus on specific areas such as marketing strategy, brand messaging, and media interaction. These services are particularly valuable for developers who may have strong technical skills but lack expertise in marketing and promotion.

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Never A Minute Consulting aims to fill this gap by offering a unique blend of industry experience and practical hands-on knowledge. Kit and Krysta bring their deep understanding of game development, marketing strategy, and community engagement to help developers navigate the complexities of the industry and maximize their game’s potential.

The Three Things Marketing Solves

When working with game developers, Kit and Krysta emphasize three key areas that marketing can solve: branding and messaging, getting the game noticed, and understanding the target audience.

  • Branding and Messaging: Developing a clear and concise core message about the game’s unique features and what makes it interesting.
  • Getting the Game Noticed: Creating a marketing strategy to raise awareness of the game and reach the target audience through various channels, such as social media, press releases, and events.
  • Understanding the Target Audience: Identifying the game’s target audience and tailoring marketing efforts to effectively communicate with them.

By addressing these three areas, game developers can increase their chances of success and avoid common pitfalls in the competitive gaming industry.

‘Never A Minute,’ Together Inimitable

As a two-person organization, Never A Minute Consulting offers a unique advantage to their clients. Kit and Krysta’s close collaboration allows them to bounce ideas off each other, provide different perspectives, and ensure the best possible outcome for their clients. Their hands-on approach and practical experience set them apart from larger agencies, providing clients with personalized attention and tailored solutions.

While rapid growth may be the goal for some companies, Kit and Krysta prioritize maintaining an intimate organization that can provide high-quality services without compromising their hands-on approach. Their ultimate goal is to help game developers succeed and ensure that innovative and unique games have the opportunity to shine in the competitive gaming market.

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With their extensive experience in the gaming industry and their passion for helping developers, Kit and Krysta are poised to make a significant impact as game consultants. Their transition from Nintendo Minute hosts to industry experts demonstrates the valuable insights they can offer to game developers in need of marketing support and industry knowledge.

For more information about Never A Minute Consulting and the services they provide, visit their website at www.neveraminute.com.

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