Brazen Blaze Promises 'Smack & Shoot' 3v3 VR Multiplayer
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Brazen Blaze Presents ‘Smack & Shoot’ – an Intense 3v3 VR Multiplayer-Experience

Diving into the World of Brazen Blaze: MyDearest’s New Multiplayer Experience

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MyDearest, the renowned developer behind the Chronos Universe series, known for its solo adventure games, is embarking on a new multiplayer venture with Brazen Blaze. This upcoming VR action game takes a departure from their usual style, embracing the exhilarating gameplay of melee-focused 3v3 online battles. Inspired by the popular Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, MyDearest aims to create an immersive experience set in a dystopian anarcho-capitalist world.

A Stunning Announcement Trailer Sets the Stage

The unveiling of Brazen Blaze comes with an exciting announcement trailer that showcases the intense “smack & shoot” gameplay you can expect. The trailer provides a glimpse into the in-game action, leaving gamers eagerly anticipating its release. This multiplayer experience exhibits a significant shift in direction for MyDearest, highlighting their versatility and commitment to delivering unique and engaging gaming experiences.

Brazen Blaze: A Fighting Tournament for World Presidency

Brazen Blaze features a thrilling storyline where contestants participate in a worldwide fighting tournament to become the world president. Comparable to hero shooters, the game boasts a cast of characters with distinct personalities, each bringing their unique abilities and playstyles to the fight. This fusion of fighting game mechanics and hero shooter elements adds depth and strategy to the gameplay, making every match a thrilling experience.

Notable industry professionals have contributed their expertise to ensure Brazen Blaze’s success. Richard Khoo, former Systems Designer for Riot and Blizzard, joins the team along with Warren Ellis, known for his work on Netflix’s Castlevania, as a Creative Consultant. Additionally, VR/AR content creator ThrillSeeker serves as the VR Expertise Producer, promising an immersive virtual reality experience for players.

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Bold Gameplay Description

The official gameplay description teases what players can expect from Brazen Blaze. Using powerful gauntlets, contestants will engage in high-speed dashes, gravity-defying jumps, and bone-crushing punches, all while firing projectiles to knock opponents off the stage. Each character possesses a unique special attack that disrupts the rules of the game, such as causing explosions, excessive spending, or setting things on fire. The game’s underlying theme challenges the notion of whether one can be a good person while also being a good president.

Closed Alpha Test and Future Launch

A release window for Brazen Blaze has yet to be announced. However, the game is confirmed to be coming to the popular Quest VR platform as well as SteamVR. To provide eager fans with a taste of the action, MyDearest has opened registrations for a closed alpha test. If you want to be among the first to experience the immersive world of Brazen Blaze, head to MyDearest’s official Discord server and sign up.

Stay tuned for our in-depth coverage of Brazen Blaze, as we will be attending the Tokyo Game Show 2023 to bring you the latest news and our full impressions of this highly anticipated multiplayer extravaganza.


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