Oh Look, Starfield Is Getting Review Bombed On Metacritic
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Starfield Receives a Wave of Negative Reviews on Metacritic

Starfield Faces Review Bombing on Metacritic: User Scores Significantly Lower Than Critics

Masses of user reviews for Starfield are starting to roll in on aggregate platform Metacritic, and as you probably guessed, the overall user rating is significantly lower than the average critic score.

A Familiar Trend

This is becoming a bit of a formality when it comes to huge, particularly hyped AAA video games – and Starfield hasn’t escaped the trend. Admittedly, the current user score of 5.4/6.1 (depending on the platform) isn’t the worst we’ve seen, but there are lots of zero and one ratings seemingly designed to drag the overall number down.

The score dropped to an even lower number yesterday:

Starfield Review Bombing
Starfield is currently being review bombed on Metacritic.

Fortunately, user reviews on other platforms seem to be faring much better. While the Xbox Store hasn’t completely avoided a wave of 1-star reviews, it still sits at 3.5/5 at the time of writing. Additionally, over 25,000 Steam reviews are currently amounting to a ‘Very Positive’ rating.

The Overall Picture is Good

The overall picture is good then, and now that our Pure Xbox review is also live, you can see what we think of Bethesda’s latest effort. Just maybe avoid the user section on Metacritic, although we probably didn’t have to tell you that did we?

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Despite the review bombing on Metacritic, Starfield seems to be receiving positive feedback on other platforms. It’s important to remember that user reviews are subjective, and individual opinions might differ. Ultimately, it’s up to each player to form their own opinion about the game. As always, it’s advisable to balance both user and critic reviews to get a better understanding of the overall reception.

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