Starfield Has Given Xbox Series X|S Sales A Huge Boost In The UK
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UK Sales of Xbox Series X|S Skyrocket Thanks to Starfield

Starfield Boosts Xbox Series X|S Sales in the UK: Early Access Drive Sales Jump

According to recent data from, the highly anticipated release of Starfield has had a significant impact on Xbox Series X|S sales in the UK. The sales of Microsoft’s flagship consoles saw a remarkable surge of 73% in the week ending September 2nd, coinciding with the launch of Starfield via early access. This unprecedented increase in sales marked the best-performing week so far this year for Xbox Series X|S.

The introduction of Starfield not only skyrocketed Xbox Series X|S sales for that particular week but also had a lasting effect. The subsequent week also showcased exceptional sales figures, following closely behind as the second-best performing week for the consoles. What’s more, both weeks now rank among the top four weeks in terms of sales since the Series X’s initial release in 2020.

Emerging Impact of Early Access

The availability of early access to Starfield appears to have played a pivotal role in this remarkable surge in sales. Players eagerly anticipated the release of Bethesda’s highly anticipated RPG, and the opportunity to experience the game before its official launch proved irresistible. The success of this early access strategy showcases the immense influence that exclusive games can have on console sales.

New Console, New Success

In tandem with the Starfield release, Microsoft also launched a brand-new console model: the Carbon Black 1TB Xbox Series S system. This new console model made a significant impact on the UK gaming market as well, accounting for approximately 20% of all console sales during its launch week, from September 2nd to September 9th. The successful release of both Starfield and the new Xbox Series S system demonstrates Microsoft’s ability to strategically diversify its offerings and capitalize on consumer demand.

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A Winning Combination

Microsoft’s decision to simultaneously launch a highly anticipated game like Starfield and a new console model has undoubtedly paid off in terms of sales. The UK gaming market responded enthusiastically, and the sales boost provided Xbox Series X|S with a significant advantage in early September. The performance of Starfield and the new Series S model moving forward will be closely monitored, as it is expected to have a lasting effect on consumer behavior and overall market trends.

As the gaming industry continues to evolve, the strategic alignment of exclusive game releases and console launches presents a significant opportunity for manufacturers like Microsoft to expand their market share and drive sales growth. The success of Starfield and the new Xbox Series S model serves as a testament to the impact that well-executed releases can have on the gaming landscape.

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