Cult of the Lamb dev says it will delete the game on January 1
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Cult of the Lamb Developer Announces Game Removal on January 1st

Unity’s New Charging Policies Threaten Cult of the Lamb Developer

Unity’s New Charging Policies Threaten Cult of the Lamb Developer

Cult of the Lamb developer Massive Monster has issued a statement threatening to delete the game in response to changes in the monetization and charging policies by software creator Unity. The announcement by Unity, which provides game-creation tools, states that it will now demand fees from developers using its free and premium versions. This decision has sparked concerns among developers, including Massive Monster, who claim that these changes will cause significant delays in the creation of their upcoming games.

Unity’s New Charging Plan

Under Unity’s new charging plan, developers using the free tier of Unity’s development services will be required to pay a fee of $0.20 for every player installation once their games have received over 200,000 downloads and generated more than $200,000 in revenue. On the other hand, developers using the Unity Pro tier will be charged a lower fee per download and will not have to pay until their games have reached higher download and revenue thresholds. These changes are set to take effect at the beginning of 2024.

Impact on Developers and Popular Games

The introduction of these fees has raised concerns among developers, as many popular games, including Cities Skylines, Rust, Subnautica, Kerbal Space Program, and Genshin Impact, are built using Unity software. Massive Monster, the developer of Cult of the Lamb, has expressed that these changes to Unity’s charging policy will not only impact their current game but also affect the development of their upcoming projects.

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Developer’s Response and Concerns

Massive Monster has strongly criticized Unity’s decision, stating that the introduction of a runtime fee based on game installs will cause significant delays in their game development process. The developer emphasizes that their team specializes in Unity games and acquiring an entirely new skill set would be time-consuming and challenging. Furthermore, Massive Monster has been dedicated to supporting and promoting new and emerging indie games, and the introduction of these fees by Unity could pose significant challenges for aspiring developers.

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Cult of the Lamb deleted: A statement from Massive Monster, creator of roguelike game Cult of the Lamb

Call to Action: Buy Cult of the Lamb Now

Massive Monster has urged players to purchase Cult of the Lamb before Monday, January 1, as the game will be deleted when the new Unity policies are introduced. This call to action highlights the developer’s frustration with Unity’s charging policies and aims to encourage support for their game before it potentially disappears.

Cult of the Lamb deleted: A statement from Massive Monster, creator of roguelike Cult of the Lamb

Concerns Raised by Other Developers

Landfall Games, the developer of Clustertruck and Knightfall, has also expressed concerns about Unity’s new policies and is questioning its continued use of the engine. Stray Fawn, the creator of Wandering Village, highlights the impact on educational games, stating that they had made their game about genetics free for schools but will now be charged for each student installation. Innersloth, the creator of Among Us, adds their voice to the criticism, stating that these changes would harm not only their studio but also fellow game studios of all budgets and sizes.

Unity has provided some clarification regarding the changes, stating that developers will only be charged for each player’s first installation. If a player uninstalls and then reinstalls a game, the developer will not be charged a second time.

If you’re a fan of Cult of the Lamb, it is recommended to purchase the game before the new Unity policies take effect. Additionally, you can explore other best indie games available right now and discover the best building games on PC.

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