Latest PS5 Firmware Update Out Now, Adds Support for Dolby Atmos, Larger SSDs
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New PS5 Firmware Update Available Now, Introduces Dolby Atmos Support and Enhanced SSD Compatibility

**Sony Releases Major Firmware Update for PS5: Dolby Atmos Support, Larger SSD Compatibility, and More**

Sony has just rolled out a significant firmware update for the PlayStation 5 (PS5) console, bringing a plethora of new features and enhancements to the system. This update, which has been in beta testing since the end of July, is now available for all PS5 users to download and install. Clocking in at just over 1GB in size, the new system software version 23.02-08.00.00 is a substantial update that introduces several noteworthy additions to the console’s functionality.

One of the key highlights of this update is the introduction of support for **Dolby Atmos**. With this feature, players can now enjoy an immersive 3D audio experience on PS5 games that support the Tempest 3D audio technology. Furthermore, media apps that support Dolby Atmos can now deliver a spatial sound experience when used with compatible HDMI devices. To enable Dolby Atmos, users can navigate to Settings > Sound > Audio Output > Audio Format (Priority) and select Dolby Atmos.

In addition to the Dolby Atmos support, Sony has also addressed one of the major limitations of the PS5 by allowing users to expand storage space using an M.2 SSD with a maximum capacity of **8TB**. This enhancement is a welcome addition for gamers who frequently run out of storage due to the console’s limited internal capacity.

Furthermore, Sony has made significant strides in improving the accessibility features of the PS5 with this update. The PS5 Access controller is now fully supported, providing a more inclusive gaming experience. Additionally, the screen reader now supports **Turkish, Swedish, and Portuguese (Portugal)**, making the console more accessible to a wider range of users.

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Moreover, Sony has made several improvements to Game Base and Parties. In Game Base, players can now easily see which of their friends are engaged in an activity that they can join, marked with a joinable icon. This enhancement streamlines the process of connecting with friends during gameplay. Parties have also received some notable updates, such as the ability to preview a party member’s screen when they are sharing it, as well as the option to start a private party without creating a group. Furthermore, players can now invite non-group members to a private party and send party invitations to groups, in addition to individual players.

In terms of communication and interaction, the update introduces the ability to react to messages with emojis. It also improves the accessibility of shared media in groups, making it easier for users to access media shared by other players. A convenient shared media option has been added to the messages card’s options menu.

The update also brings various enhancements to the card-based user interface of the PS5. Users will find that activity cards have been improved, with the latest activity appearing as a standalone card in the control center when multiple activities are ongoing. The consolidated activities card will still be displayed, providing a comprehensive overview. Additionally, game help cards have been refined, allowing players to view available, previously available, upcoming, and completed activities. When a card is selected, its details are displayed on the right side, making it easier to find objectives and corresponding hints.

To enhance the console navigation experience, Sony has made two noteworthy additions. Firstly, when navigating the console, users will now hear a more pronounced sound effect when reaching the point where further movement is not possible. This improvement provides clearer feedback during navigation. Secondly, users can now experience haptic feedback through vibrations on their controllers while navigating the PS5 by enabling “Haptic Feedback During Console Navigation” in Settings > Accessibility > Controllers.

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Entertainment features have also received some attention in this update. Players can now see the number of tournaments they have entered and their highest placement in the game hub. On the player profile screen, a “Most Played” games section has been added, showcasing the titles players have spent the most time with. Additionally, the game library now allows users to search for games exclusively within their own library, simplifying the process of finding specific titles.

For users interested in learning more about the PS5’s features and getting the most out of their console, Sony has introduced a new “Discover Tips” section. This section, accessible in Settings > Guide & Tips, Health and Safety, and Other Information > Guide and Tips, provides useful tips and information to help users maximize their gaming experience.

Several language and accessibility improvements have been made in this update. Simplified Cangjie has been added to text input methods for Chinese (Traditional), offering a more streamlined typing experience for users who prefer this input method. Additionally, the PS5’s distinctive beep sound, heard upon startup or when putting the console in rest mode, can now be muted or adjusted in volume by going to Settings > System > Beep Sound.

The video output information screen in Settings > Screen and Video > Video Output has undergone a redesign, making it easier for users to view important information about their video output settings. The screen now clearly displays the current resolution, color format, and HDCP version. Furthermore, users can check the support status of high dynamic range (HDR) and variable refresh rate (VRR) for each available frequency on their HDMI devices.

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Sony has also made improvements to the Voice Command feature. The help content of Voice Command has been enhanced, allowing users to navigate between help pages using voice commands. Additionally, the help content will automatically hide after a certain amount of time, optimizing the user experience. By saying “What’s new?” via Voice Command on any screen, users can now check for new PS5 features and get the latest information about PS Plus.

Lastly, the update includes various minor enhancements and bug fixes. The PS5 QR code login screen has been redesigned, with larger QR codes for improved scanning. The device software of the DualSense wireless controller, DualSense Edge wireless controller, PlayStation VR2, and PlayStation VR2 Sense controllers has been updated to improve stability. Messages and the usability of certain screens have also been improved.

This firmware update for the PS5 showcases Sony’s commitment to continuously improving its flagship console. With the addition of Dolby Atmos support, larger SSD compatibility, enhanced accessibility features, and numerous other improvements, the PS5 experience is elevated to new heights. As Sony continues to listen to user feedback and implement key updates, gamers can look forward to an even more immersive and user-friendly experience on the PS5 console.

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