Super Dungeon Maker update adds Filmset and So Many Me dungeon themes, more
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New Super Dungeon Maker Update Introduces Exciting Filmset and So Many Me Dungeon Themes, Alongside Numerous Other Enhancements

Super Dungeon Maker is still getting support, and recently went live with an update that includes Filmset and So Many Me as new dungeon themes. Both include one unique floor tile.

This same update also comes with a couple of changes and bug fixes. We have the full rundown below.

Super Dungeon Maker October 2023 update patch notes

What’s new?

  • Added two new dungeon themes each with one unique floor tile
    • Filmset (Unique floor: A stage that will turn off all other lights and focus a spotlight on the player)
    • “So Many Me” (Unique floor: A toxic mist that will deal damage when walking through or standing in it)
  • Added the “Hall of Fame” to the village hub
  • Replaced the fill bucket tool with a rectangle tool for tile mode

What’s changed?

  • Traps will now trigger hit and barrier switches. Use your creativity now to build some automated contraptions.
  • Reworked the Undo-System to be more stable and not result in broken rooms/objects all the time.

Bug Fixes

  • Sign in front of Fink’s secret cave displayed a placeholder text.
  • One of the birds had a placeholder text in its speech bubble.
  • Player Dungeons could not be correctly deleted.
  • Player Dungeons would show up multiple times.
  • Online Dungeons would sometimes load an empty dungeon.
  • Room outlines would sometimes break.
  • Massively improved the performance for dungeons with many rooms.

The new Super Dungeon Maker update with the Filmset and So Many Me dungeon themes is available now on Switch.

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