Next Move Promises Joystick-Free VR Platforming This Fall
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Upcoming Release Introduces Joystick-Free VR Platforming for Fall Season

Next Move: A Unique Joystick-Free Platformer Coming to Quest and PC VR

Next Move, a new platformer developed by Typico Games, is set to release this fall on the Quest and PC VR platforms. This game offers a distinctive gameplay experience by introducing joystick-free movement, allowing players to navigate through dreamlike worlds purely based on their physical movements.

Immerse Yourself in Fantasy Architecture

Next Move takes players on a thrilling adventure across fantastical landscapes filled with intricate architecture and exciting challenges. The Prague-based developer, Typico Games, describes the game as a journey through “dreamlike worlds” where players will have to climb rotating towers, chase gondolas across misty lakes, and leap over crumbling stone pillars.

Next Move Announcement Trailer
Watch the Next Move Announcement Trailer

In the recently released announcement trailer, players are given a glimpse of the gameplay mechanics. Running in the game requires players to mimic the motion of running or walking with their hands. Jumping involves swinging both hands upwards, while climbing involves physically grabbing ladders. To control your movements in the air, players must swing their hands through the air.

Next Move is a VR platformer where all movement corresponds to the player’s movement. Your ability to run, jump, and climb will be put to the test on a journey into dreamy worlds filled with fantastic architecture. But to succeed, you must also fight off enemies and eventually even manipulate time.

Release Date and Demo

Next Move is set to release on November 30 on the Meta Quest platform and PC VR. However, if you can’t wait to try it out, a demo with three levels is currently available on Steam, App Lab, and SideQuest.

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Engaging Your Imagination

With its innovative joystick-free movement system and immersive dreamlike worlds, Next Move promises to deliver a unique platforming experience. By blending physical movements with fantasy architecture and challenging gameplay, Typico Games aims to captivate players and push the boundaries of virtual reality gaming.

So mark your calendars for November 30 and get ready to jump, climb, and run through the captivating worlds of Next Move.

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