(For Southeast Asia) PlayStation Stars campaigns and digital collectibles for September 2023
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Announces PlayStation Stars Campaigns and Digital Collectibles for September 2023 in Southeast Asia

# Greetings, PlayStation Stars: New Campaigns and Collectibles Await in September

## PlayStation & You: Wireless Keyboard
**Available September 1**

Attention, past owners of the PS3 wireless keyboard! Your gaming journey deserves a nod of appreciation. With the arrival of the PlayStation & You: Wireless Keyboard Campaign, you can unlock an exclusive digital collectible – the classic PS3 wireless keyboard. Simply start the campaign, and this nostalgic piece will join your digital collectibles collection.

## PlayStation Plus Game Catalog: Must-play this Month
**Available September 5**

Calling all PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium/Deluxe members! The PlayStation Plus Game Catalog is here to provide you with hundreds of games to choose from. Each month, the catalog is refreshed with new gems to play. For the month of September, we are highlighting some of the Best Hits from Japan. By playing any one of these iconic Japanese titles, you can earn 50 points. The titles include:

– Dynasty Warriors 9
– Lost Judgement
– Devil May Cry 5
– Death Stranding
– Ghostwire: Tokyo

## PlayStation Plus Monthly Games Campaign
**Available September 5**

The new month brings new PlayStation Plus Monthly Games! As a PlayStation Plus member, you can play any one of the September Monthly Games and earn 50 points. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore exciting new titles.

### Hard Game Club: Cuphead
**Last Chance: Available until October 14th**

For those who haven’t seen it yet on the PS App, we have the Hard Game Club campaign for Cuphead. By earning the “A Day at the Fair” trophy, you can unlock the Cuphead Hard Game Club digital collectible. If you’ve already earned this trophy, simply start the campaign and play any PS4 or PS5 game to claim your Hard Game Club Balloon.

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## Unlock games with your PlayStation Stars points
As a reminder, your PlayStation Stars points can grant you access to an array of incredible games and more. Head to the “PlayStation Store rewards” section of your PlayStation Stars Rewards Catalog and explore a selection of titles that you can redeem your points for right now. Here are just a few examples of the games waiting for you:

| Game Name | Points Required |
| Cuphead | 1000 points |
| Moss | 800 points |
| Dredge | 600 points |

Not a PlayStation Stars member yet? You can learn more about PlayStation Stars and join [here](https://store.playstation.com/sky/qrcode/?smcid=Social%3ABlog%3Aloyalty-banner%3ASept23).

Please note that the PS Stars campaign is not available in Indonesia.

Stay connected throughout September on the PlayStation App for more exciting campaigns and collectibles. Get ready to conquer new challenges, earn rewards, and expand your digital collectibles to refresh your display case. Happy gaming, PlayStation Stars!

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