Battle Bows Challenges You To A Showdown In New DLC
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New DLC Presents Battle Bows: Accept the Challenge and Enter the Ultimate Showdown

Co-op Wave Shooter Battle Bows Receives Major Content Update and PSVR 2 Version in Development

Battle Bows, the popular co-op wave shooter game, has just released a free content update that aims to address previous concerns about its longevity. In addition, developer WIMO Games has announced that a version for the highly anticipated PSVR 2 is currently in development, exciting fans of the franchise.

Defend Your Castle from the Balloonies

Battle Bows, released in July last year on the Quest and PC VR platforms, puts players in the role of archers defending their castle from an onslaught of adorable yet troublesome enemies called Balloonies. This unique tower defense multiplayer game garnered attention for its entertaining gameplay mechanics.

The newly introduced “Bow Showdown” update adds a fresh gameplay mode where archers can join one of three competing teams to secure the highest score. By participating in these thrilling battles, players can unlock new talents that provide advantages such as reduced elemental power cooldowns or improved range.

Winter Keep Map and Legendary Difficulty

One of the highlights of the recent update is the Winter Keep map, which introduces more than 40 pathways for enemies to strike from. Defenders are now able to trade their trusty arrows for explosives, adding an exciting new twist to the gameplay and expanding the strategic options available.

A ‘Legendary’ difficulty mode has also been introduced, challenging players with 16 waves of deadly enemies and a fearsome ‘Legendary Badaboom Boss’ to defeat. To aid players in their quest, a new crossbow weapon has been added to the arsenal, adding even more variety to the gameplay experience.

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Addressing Concerns About Longevity

In our Battle Bows review, we expressed mixed impressions about the game. While it was undeniably entertaining, we raised concerns about its longevity due to a lack of content. However, with the release of this major content update, WIMO Games seems to have taken player feedback to heart and aims to address these concerns by adding new gameplay modes, maps, and difficulty levels.

“Even if WIMO Games is able to successfully attract players with only the current content available in Battle Bows, the distinct lack of things to do will inevitably become a problem without further content updates… It might be worth consideration for someone looking to play a new VR game with friends for an evening, but in its current state, you’re unlikely to get much more out of the game than that.”

Battle Bows is currently available on the Meta Quest platform and SteamVR. However, fans of the game will be delighted to know that WIMO Games has also announced the development of a PSVR 2 version, though the release window for this version remains unknown at this time.


The recent free content update for Battle Bows brings a significant boost to the game’s content, addressing previous concerns about longevity. With the addition of new gameplay modes, maps, difficulty levels, and even a PSVR 2 version in the works, Battle Bows continues to evolve and provide an engaging experience for players. Whether you’re defending your castle from Balloonies or competing in thrilling bow showdowns, Battle Bows offers an exciting and immersive VR gaming experience.

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