'Tokyo Chronos’ Studio Announces VR Team Shooter 'Brazen Blaze', Coming in 2024 – Road to VR
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‘Road to VR’: ‘Brazen Blaze’ VR Team Shooter Revealed by ‘Tokyo Chronos’ Studio; Anticipated for 2024

Introducing Brazen Blaze: A New VR Team Shooter

MyDearest Announces Brazen Blaze: An Action-Packed VR Team Shooter

MyDearest, the esteemed Japan-based VR studio known for their acclaimed Tokyo Chronos series, has recently unveiled their newest VR game: Brazen Blaze. This upcoming title is set to take the virtual reality gaming world by storm, offering players an immersive team-based shooter experience unlike any other.

A Unique Blend of Melee Combat and Intense Gunplay

Brazen Blaze is described by the studio as a “3v3 smack & shoot VR action with a heavy focus on close-quarter melee combat.” Players will have the opportunity to choose from a diverse roster of characters, each possessing unique skills and abilities, as they strive to obliterate anything and everything that stands in their path to victory.

The game’s Steam page offers a glimpse into the adrenaline-fueled action, stating, “Choose from a variety of characters with unique skills to destroy whatever lies in your path to achieve victory.”

Destroy Buildings, Punch Enemies, and Unleash Devastation

Brazen Blaze equips players with powerful gauntlets that grant them extraordinary abilities. The trailer showcases the exhilaration of dashing through the air, demolishing structures, and sending enemies flying into space. Moreover, the game introduces a wide array of unique weapons, including mini-missiles, gravity-altering fields, and healing tools, providing players with a multitude of strategic options.

Coming Soon to Steam and Potentially Quest 2 and Quest 3

Although much about Brazen Blaze remains under wraps, MyDearest has revealed that the game is currently targeting SteamVR headsets. The studio plans to conduct a closed alpha test, and interested players can sign up for a chance to participate. Excitingly, Alberto Moreno, the head of overseas marketing and producer at MyDearest, has confirmed that “Quest 2 can run the game,” hinting at potential releases for the popular Oculus Quest platforms.

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Join the Brazen Blaze Discord and Alpha Test

In the meantime, eager players can join the Brazen Blaze Discord community to stay updated on the game’s development and request access to the closed alpha test. The alpha test sign-up period is open until September 24th, and the lucky participants will be announced on September 28th. The closed alpha itself is scheduled to take place from October 6th to 8th.

Be prepared to venture into the thrilling world of Brazen Blaze and experience the adrenaline, intensity, and camaraderie that this team-based shooter promises to deliver. Stay tuned for further updates on this highly anticipated VR gem!

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