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BWT Alpine F1 Team Teams Up with Xbox as Their Official Console Partner

Xbox Partners with BWT Alpine F1 Team, Expanding into the World of Formula 1

In an exciting move that expands their reach into the world of sports, Xbox has announced a partnership with the BWT Alpine F1 team. As the team’s Official Console Partner, Xbox will make their mark in the thrilling world of Formula 1. This multi-year deal also sees PC Game Pass becoming an Official Partner, solidifying Xbox’s presence in the competitive racing scene.

A Winning Portfolio of Partnerships

BWT Alpine F1 Team joins an impressive roster of successful teams that Xbox has partnered with. This includes collaborations with major players in the sporting industry such as the England and France National Football Federations, and the WNBA’s New York Liberty and Atlanta Dream. With a track record of successful partnerships, Xbox is now expanding into the realm of motorsports.

Speaking about the new partnership, Jerret West, CVP Gaming Marketing at Xbox, expressed the company’s enthusiasm for reaching more fans around the world through their love of sports. According to West, motorsports, and Formula 1 in particular, provide an exhilarating experience that brings together a diverse fanbase. Xbox is eager to unite the worlds of gaming and racing and create a joyous community through this thrilling partnership. The alignment of values between Xbox, Alpine, and Microsoft makes this collaboration even more exciting.

David Gendry, VP of Alpine Sponsoring, Partnerships, and Communications, also expressed his pleasure at partnering with Xbox, acknowledging the gaming company as a household name and a strong leader in the industry. He emphasized the successful previous collaborations between the two organizations and their shared values with Microsoft. Gendry stated their pride in consolidating this experience into a long-term partnership.

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An Immersive Experience for Fans

For fans of Xbox and PC Game Pass, the partnership with BWT Alpine F1 Team promises an incredible experience. The logos of both Xbox and PC Game Pass will be prominently displayed on the Alpine A523 cars and in the Paddock areas during key races each season. This highly visible presence will kick off during the Formula 1 Lenovo Japanese Grand Prix, taking place this weekend.

However, Xbox intends to go beyond simple logo placements. Known for their creative and unique activations, Xbox plans to defy conventions and create fun and imaginative experiences for fans. Their collaboration with the creative minds at BWT Alpine F1 Team opens up possibilities for exciting and unprecedented initiatives throughout the racing season. Fans can expect surprising and engaging content as the partnership evolves.

This groundbreaking partnership between Xbox and BWT Alpine F1 Team marks a significant step for both companies. Xbox ventures into the fast-paced world of Formula 1, while BWT Alpine F1 Team benefits from the support and innovation that Xbox brings to the table. As the partnership begins to unfold, racing and gaming enthusiasts can look forward to a thrilling fusion of two dynamic industries.

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