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Is it possible to transfer demo progress to the full game?

Dark Souls-inspired Pinnochio game Lies of P Demo Progress

Dark Souls-inspired Pinnochio game Lies of P Demo Progress

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Earlier this summer, players intrigued by the upcoming Dark Souls-inspired Pinnochio game Lies of P had the chance to try a free demo in anticipation of the full release. Since then, however, the demo has been delisted.

Of course, those who already downloaded the demo still have access to it, so they can still test out the game as much as they like before it releases in full. If you played the demo and had a difficult time with it, though, you might hope that the final game will carry over any hard-earned progress you made. But does the game actually do this?

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Is your save data from the demo transferable?

Somewhat disappointingly, Lies of P will not allow you to continue the adventure from where you left off in the demo, assuming you had the chance to play it. The developers of Lies of P confirmed as such in a Steam news update posted back in early June. So even if you spend countless hours throwing yourself at the game’s challenges and improving both your stats and your skill, none of that will factor into your playthrough of the final game, at least on a surface level.

The Demo Experience

The Lies of P demo introduced players to the game’s initial two chapters, which take around two to three hours to finish on average if you progress at a comfortable pace. Originally, the developers intended for the demo to remain available only from June 8 to June 26. However, the popularity of the demo led to them extending its availability to September 5.

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The lack of an option to bring your save data from the Lies of P demo to the full game may annoy some, but at the very least, they may have gained the skills necessary to complete the initial chapters more comfortably in a reattempt. However, that assumes that they experienced the demo relatively recently and retained at least some of what they learned from it.


While it may be disappointing for players who invested time and effort into the Lies of P demo, the decision to not allow save data transfer to the full game has its own reasoning. Developers often want players to experience the full journey from the beginning, ensuring that everyone starts on an equal footing. This approach also allows for potential improvements and changes made to the initial chapters based on player feedback.

So, if you played the Lies of P demo and struggled, don’t worry! You still have the opportunity to refine your skills and tackle the challenges with a fresh perspective when the full game releases. And for those who haven’t played the demo, it’s a chance to dive into the world of Lies of P without feeling left behind.

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