High On Knife - A Fantastic Expansion For A Divisive Xbox Game Pass Title
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Knife High – An Unbelievable Expansion For a Controversial Xbox Game Pass Title

High on Knife: An Add-On That Excels in Absurdity and Weapons


When High On Life released on Xbox back in December 2022, it made a huge impact as one of the biggest Game Pass launches of all time. However, the game itself was met with mixed reviews, with scores ranging from 3s to 9s. Now, with the mini-sequel DLC known as High On Knife making its debut this week, it’s time to take a closer look at this highly anticipated add-on.

A New Adventure in the Absurd

High on Knife takes place two years ahead of the events of High on Life and follows the quest of Knifey to track down a mysterious package from his homeworld. This adventurous journey takes players to the slug-infested planet of Peroxis and deep into the parasitic depths of Muxxalon. Just like its predecessor, the story in High on Knife is not the main focus, but it still manages to deliver moments of naughtiness and absurdity that fans of the series will appreciate.

The Standout Feature: Weapons

One area where High on Knife truly excels is in its weapons department. This DLC introduces a few new weapons, with two particularly standing out. The first is B.A.L.L, a pinball-like gun that allows players to time their shots to keep rebounding the metal ball off enemies until it explodes. Additionally, players can throw pinball bumpers into the battle zone to bounce the ball off them and hit multiple enemies at once. B.A.L.L quickly becomes a favorite among players due to its unique mechanics and satisfying gameplay.

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Another new weapon is Harper, a generic pistol voiced by Sarah Silverman of SNL fame. While Harper doesn’t command as much attention as B.A.L.L, it still offers a solid option for players looking for a more traditional firearm. The third new weapon, directly related to Knifey’s mysterious package, brings an awesome upgrade that not only feels satisfying to wield but also interacts with the environment in creative ways. It plays a significant role in the DLC’s final boss fight, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.

A Mix of Creepy and Outdoor Environments

Contrary to the “spooky” mentions leading up to the release of High on Knife, the DLC isn’t particularly scary. Only the latter half of the game takes place in a creepy setting, while the rest unfolds in outdoor environments. Players can expect a mix of exploration and shootouts with enemies throughout the game. Although the shootouts aren’t overly challenging, the creepy locations and few jump scares add to the overall atmosphere and keep players on their toes.

A Worthy Expansion

High on Knife showcases the developer’s careful attention to detail and commitment to delivering a worthwhile gaming experience. The DLC doesn’t feel like an afterthought but rather a well-developed continuation of the main game. It offers standout moments, including a ridiculous parody of a popular ’80s TV show and an ending that will leave players either amused or bemused. Some may find it sickening, while others will love it, but regardless, it will stir up discussions and opinions among players.

Is It Worth It?

The big question that arises is whether High on Knife is worth the investment. While the price is not yet disclosed, the duration of the DLC is approximately three hours if players focus mainly on the campaign without searching for collectibles. This makes it a great option for an evening gaming session. However, if the price exceeds £20 / $20, it might be a tough sell for some players.

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High on Knife proves to be a worthy mini-sequel to High on Life, building upon the absurdity and gameplay mechanics that made the original game divisive among players. This short but memorable experience offers new weapons that stand out and add depth to the gameplay. Although the story is not the highlight, the moments of absurdity and naughtiness will provide some laughs along the way. If you enjoyed the main game, High on Knife is a must-have addition to your gaming library.

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