As Of Last April, Xbox Series S Accounted For 75% Of Microsoft's Current-Gen Console Sales
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Xbox Series S Takes the Lead in Microsoft’s Current-Gen Console Sales, Holding 75% Market Share in April

Xbox Series S Takes the Lead in Microsoft’s Console Sales

In a surprising turn of events, leaked documents from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reveal that the Xbox Series S accounted for a staggering 75% of Microsoft’s current-generation console sales as of April 2022. This finding challenges the common perception that the Series X, with its more powerful hardware, would be the more popular choice among gamers.

As Of Last April, Xbox Series S Accounted For 75% Of Microsoft's Current-Gen Console Sales

While it may be surprising to see the Series S outperform its higher-end counterpart, several factors contribute to this exceptional performance. The ongoing global pandemic created severe supply shortages, making it difficult for consumers to find the Series X. Meanwhile, the Series S offered a viable alternative at a more affordable price point of $299.

The availability of two distinct consoles right from the start also played a significant role in the Series S’s success. By giving gamers more options, Microsoft catered to a broader audience and effectively captured a larger market share.

The leaked FTC documents indicate that Microsoft had initially predicted a split of 64.9% Series S and 35.1% Series X in April 2022. However, the actual sales figures defied these projections, with the Series S reaching 74.8% and the Series X accounting for only 25.1% of total sales. This substantial difference further highlights the impact of supply shortages during that time.

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“For April 2022 Microsoft forecasted Xbox hardware sell-in to be 64.9% Series S and 35.1% Series X. Instead, the actuals were 74.8% Series S and 25.1% Series X. That’s a massive difference, fueled by the at the time extreme supply shortages thanks to the pandemic.”

– John Welfare (@Welfare_JBP)

As we fast-forward to 2023, it is reasonable to assume that the balance may have shifted. The Series X has become more readily available in stores, which could potentially tip the scales in its favor. Furthermore, rumors of an all-digital model launching next year might further swing the split towards the Series X, attracting gamers who prefer a digital-only gaming experience.

The Benefits of Xbox’s Diverse Console Lineup

Microsoft’s decision to release two console variations simultaneously has undoubtedly benefited both the company and its customers. The Xbox Series S, often criticized as being “not next-gen,” has proven its worth by capturing a significant market share, demonstrating that not all gamers prioritize raw power above all else.

The Series S’s popularity highlights the demand for accessible and affordable gaming options. By providing an entry point at a lower cost, Microsoft has opened doors to budget-conscious gamers who still desire an exceptional gaming experience.

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While the Series X may offer superior performance with its enhanced hardware, it also comes at a higher price point. For many gamers, the Series S strikes a perfect balance between performance and affordability, making it an attractive choice.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Xbox

As the gaming industry continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how the split between Xbox Series S and Series X evolves. While the Series S’s early success was fueled by supply shortages, the increased availability of the Series X may tip the scales in its favor. The rumored all-digital model could further strengthen the Series X’s position and attract gamers looking for a digital-only gaming experience.

What do you make of this split between Xbox Series S and Series X? Are you surprised to see the Series S become the more popular choice? Share your thoughts below.


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