Glassbreakers Introduces Forged Champion Mojo Next Week
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Forged Champion Mojo by Glassbreakers Set for Grand Introduction Next Week

Glassbreakers: Champions of Moss Introduces New Champion and Open Beta

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In the exciting world of Glassbreakers: Champions of Moss, a new post-launch Champion is set to make its debut on the Quest platform. This MOBA-like real-time battler, developed by Polyarc, has been gaining traction since its early access release on App Lab last month. With a focus on live-service updates, Glassbreakers is moving into open beta on September 26, accompanied by the introduction of a new playable character.

Meet MJ22, also known as Mojo, the Forged automation originally built for war. Mojo may have a formidable exterior, but it has a unique ability that sets it apart from the rest. Its signature move, ‘Free Hugs,’ enables Mojo to hook the opposing squad’s Champions towards itself. As the ability levels up, it gains more reach and slows down the target. This tactical maneuver can disrupt enemy formations, allowing players to pull opposing Champions into their base, where the Defender Glass can also attack them.

‘Quest for the Chest’ Event and New Gameplay Features

As Glassbreakers: Champions of Moss transitions into open beta, Polyarc is organizing a special event called ‘Quest for the Chest’ to celebrate the milestone. Running from now until October 5th, this event presents an opportunity for players to boost their level-up speed for weekly chests. Moreover, these chests will contain “extra special rewards,” including previously unseen masks and emblems. It’s an exciting chance for players to enhance their in-game collection.

Alongside the event, Glassbreakers is introducing new Over Time rules and lifting the level cap higher, offering players even more challenges and opportunities for progression. These additions aim to keep the gameplay experience fresh and engaging as the game continues to evolve during its development.

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Platform Availability and Future Plans

Currently, Glassbreakers: Champions of Moss is available on the Quest platform via App Lab, providing Oculus gamers with an immersive experience they can enjoy right away. A SteamVR release is also planned for later this year, expanding the player base and providing more opportunities for cross-platform battles.

For a more detailed look at Glassbreakers, you can check out our full impressions from Gamescom 2023 by visiting [insert link].

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In conclusion, Glassbreakers: Champions of Moss is making waves in the world of competitive multiplayer gaming. With the introduction of a new Champion and the transition to open beta, players can expect fresh challenges and rewarding experiences. As the game continues to evolve and expand, the future looks promising for Glassbreakers and its passionate gaming community.

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