Early Bigscreen Beyond Pre-orders Slip into Q4 Delivery Window – Road to VR
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Q4 Delivery Window Anticipated as Early Bigscreen Beyond Pre-orders Fall Behind – Road to VR

Bigscreen Beyond VR Headset Faces Delays in Production

Bigscreen Beyond VR Headset Faces Delays in Production

October 25, 2023

In a recent blog post, Bigscreen announced that its highly anticipated thin and light PC VR headset, Bigscreen Beyond, will experience delays in production. These delays will result in shipping dates for initial preorders being pushed later into October and November.

Manufacturing Bottlenecks Cause Slow Production Rates

According to Bigscreen CEO Darshan Shankar, the company has encountered manufacturing bottlenecks, leading to slower-than-expected production rates. This has resulted in a production rate that is approximately 25% lower in some areas than initially projected.

Shankar expressed the company’s commitment to resolving these bottlenecks and improving production efficiency. He shared that he will personally remain on-site at their factories in China for the next month to oversee the ramp-up process.

Shipping Schedule

Bigscreen provided an updated shipping schedule for preorders:

  • Approximately 20% of US-based pre-orders initially quoted for a Q3 shipping window will be shipped by next week.
  • The remaining 80% of Q3 pre-orders will take another 2-7 weeks to ship, with a goal of completing all shipments by November 6-November 19.

Newer pre-orders with a tentative Q4 shipment date, including both US and international orders, remain on track.

Reasons for Delays

Bigscreen detailed several issues contributing to the delays, including the loss of important calibration machines during customs clearance on the way to a China-based parts supplier. Additionally, the company is temporarily out of stock of certain IPDs (interpupillary distances) as they await the production of additional headsets and parts.

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Exceptional Design and Features

Despite the delays, the Bigscreen Beyond VR headset continues to generate excitement due to its unique design and impressive features. The headset stands out from the competition by offering a significantly lighter and more compact form factor compared to traditional PC VR headsets. Key features include:

  • High-resolution microOLEDs for stunning visual fidelity
  • Pancake lenses for a wider field of view
  • Outside-in SteamVR tracking for precise motion tracking
  • Custom facepad tailored for each customer to ensure zero light leakage

These innovations have positioned Bigscreen as a pioneer in VR headset design.

Overall, while the delays in production have caused frustration for eager customers, Bigscreen remains committed to resolving these issues and delivering their much-anticipated Bigscreen Beyond VR headsets to pre-order customers as quickly as possible. With the CEO personally overseeing the manufacturing process and plans to reach full capacity production by November, hopeful customers can look forward to an immersive virtual reality experience in the near future.

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