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The Last Stand of Humanity: Experience VR Action

Soul Covenant: A Sci-Fi Action VR Title That Immerses Players in a Dystopian World


Soul Covenant, Thirdverse’s highly anticipated sci-fi action VR title, made its debut at the Tokyo Game Show earlier this month. Set in a dystopian world where humanity is on the brink of extinction, the game offers players a thrilling and immersive experience as they step into the shoes of an enhanced human, known as an AVATAR, fighting against angelic machines called Deus ex Machina. In this article, we’ll delve into the captivating world of Soul Covenant and explore its unique gameplay mechanics.

A World Devoured by Machines

In the world of Soul Covenant, Earth’s population has been decimated by the vicious Deus ex Machina, created by an advanced AI called Adam. These grotesque yet intriguing machines aim to exterminate humanity and ascend to the role of God. However, a glimmer of hope remains in the form of Eve, another AI striving to fight against Adam’s tyranny, and the AVATARs, a group of enhanced humans determined to protect Tokyo Arc, one of the last strongholds against the machine onslaught.

The AVATARs possess the ability to connect to the Zero-Verse Layer, a parallel dimension inhabited by Gods. Through this connection, they can harness powerful abilities to combat the Deus ex Machina and prevent them from breaching the core of Tokyo Arc, which would lead to the demise of humanity and human history.

A Dystopian Immersion

From the moment players put on their VR headset and enter the world of Soul Covenant, they are fully immersed in its captivating sci-fi atmosphere. The game begins with players waking up inside a laboratory cultivation pod, surrounded by floating bubbles of liquid. This opening sequence not only introduces players to the game’s controls and movement but also sets the stage for the intense battles that lie ahead.

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As players venture further into Soul Covenant, they encounter Eve, who provides guidance and a briefing on the mechanics of the game. Armed with the main weapon, known as Scapegoat, players embark on a perilous journey to eliminate the angelic machines. The combat mechanics are complex but rewarding, requiring players to master various techniques and strategies to overcome hordes of enemies.

Mechanics and Gameplay

Soul Covenant offers an array of gameplay mechanics that add depth and intensity to the combat experience. While the game’s trailers hinted at additional weapon choices such as chainsaws, the demo showcased the main weapon, Scapegoat, crafted from the bodies of fallen enhanced comrades. This slightly morbid concept imbues the weapon with individual enhancements and abilities inherited from its former owners.

The basic attack involves swinging the right arm to unleash devastating slashes, while the left trigger raises a shield capable of deflecting enemy attacks. However, the shield proves inadequate against the sheer strength of the Deus ex Machina. Players must then hold the grip button near the handle of the sword, transforming it into a reaper. This grants greater attack range and strength but leaves players vulnerable to counterattacks.

Defeating enemies rewards players with blue crystals, which can be collected using the left hand. Accumulating enough crystals enables players to unleash a Demonic Burst, a charged beam that obliterates enemy forces. This moment is where players truly feel like powerful beings, flexing their body into an attack position and unleashing a force capable of subduing the relentless machines.

Awakening Existential Fears

Soul Covenant does more than immerse players in intense battles and surreal mechanics. It raises existential questions about the nature of humanity and the blurring line between human and machine. In a world where death is merely a step in the evolutionary process, the demo’s climax leaves players with a chilling realization. The boss, thought to be defeated, contorts itself and devours the player character in one joyous call, thanking them for the meal. This unexpected twist leaves players staring into darkness, pondering their fate.

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Anticipating the Release

With its rich sci-fi world, engaging gameplay mechanics, and a talented team behind its creation, Soul Covenant holds immense promise. Director Teruhiro Shimogawa and composer Yasunori Mitsuda bring their expertise to ensure a captivating and immersive experience for players.

Soul Covenant is set for release in early 2024 on Steam, Playstation VR 2, and Quest. The wait won’t be long before players can uncover the mysteries and challenges that await in this dystopian universe. As the fate of humanity hangs in the balance, it’s time to prepare for the ultimate battle against the Deus ex Machina.

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