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Discover the Essence of Humanity within the Chaos of War with the Riveting Tale of Long Gone Days

A Quick Intro to Long Gone Days

Long Gone Days: A JRPG That Explores Human Connection During War

Long Gone Days is an exciting new JRPG that immerses players in a near-future, war-torn version of our world. Developed by Serenity Forge, this game combines traditional exploration, expressive storytelling, and innovative turn-based combat to create a unique gaming experience.

Meet Rourke: A Sniper with a Conscience

In Long Gone Days, players take on the role of Rourke, a young man who has dedicated his life to becoming a sniper for The Core, a secretive and militaristic nation. Rourke strongly believes in the ideals of his nation, but his first mission uncovers a vast conspiracy that challenges his beliefs and leads him to desert.

Forge Bonds with a Diverse Party

As Rourke embarks on his odyssey to escape The Core’s clutches, he will form connections with a diverse party of comrades. Each party member brings their own unique story arcs, valuable skills in and out of combat, and fluency in different languages. These characters serve as bridges between the player and the distinct communities found in each of the game’s three major cities.

Overcoming Language Barriers

An interesting aspect of Long Gone Days is the emphasis on language barriers and their role in progression. When Rourke arrives in a new city, he initially faces challenges due to a lack of understanding. However, as the party members contribute their linguistic skills, Rourke gains the ability to communicate with locals, access shops, and progress storylines. This mechanic highlights the importance of human connection and the power of overcoming language barriers.

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The Importance of Language and Human Empathy

Long Gone Days is a game that recognizes the significance of language and communication in bridging the gap between different cultures and individuals. By emphasizing the exploration of language, the game showcases the beauty and importance of people, regardless of their circumstances or nationality. It encourages players to embrace empathy and find common ground with others.


Long Gone Days is available now on Xbox! It can be purchased from the Xbox Store. For updates on the game, follow @SerenityForge on Twitter.

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