Sushi Ben to Serve Up Surreal Sushi Action on PSVR2 in the Future
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In the Future, PSVR2 to Offer Surreal Sushi Action with Sushi Ben

Sushi Ben: A New VR Adventure Game Coming to Meta and PSVR2

Sushi Ben: A New VR Adventure Game Coming to Meta and PSVR2


Sushi Ben, a highly anticipated narrative adventure game in VR, is set to release this month on Meta (formerly known as Facebook Horizon). The game, developed by the same creative mind behind the popular avian-themed dating simulator Hatoful Boyfriend, offers players a unique and exciting experience filled with outrageous minigames and a charming storyline. While initially launching on Meta, Sushi Ben has also been confirmed to be released on the upcoming PSVR2 at a later date.

An Immersive Adventure with a Twist

Sushi Ben invites players to embark on a quest to save a beloved local sushi bar from land sharks. In order to succeed, players must earn the trust of eclectic townspeople by assisting them in various tasks and activities. The game features branching paths that allow players to shape the outcome of the adventure, providing a personalized gaming experience.

What sets Sushi Ben apart is its innovative use of 3D manga panels to present the story. This creative approach adds a visually stunning and immersive element to the gameplay, elevating the overall experience to new heights. Players will find themselves truly immersed in the vibrant world of Sushi Ben, as they navigate through beautifully illustrated manga-style environments.

A Fun and Unique VR Experience

Fans of Hatoful Boyfriend can expect the same level of creativity and quirkiness from the developer’s latest offering. Sushi Ben injects humor and lightheartedness into its gameplay, creating a delightful and entertaining experience. The game’s outrageous minigames promise plenty of laughter and excitement, keeping players engaged and entertained throughout their adventure.

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Coming Soon to PSVR2

While Sushi Ben initially launches on Meta, fans who prefer playing on the PlayStation platform can also look forward to its release on the upcoming PSVR2. The game’s transition to PSVR2 demonstrates the developer’s commitment to bringing their unique and immersive experiences to a wide audience. With the increased power and capabilities of PSVR2, players can expect an even more impressive and visually stunning adventure in the world of Sushi Ben.

Will You Try Something New?

Sushi Ben offers a fresh and unique adventure for VR gaming enthusiasts. Whether you are a fan of the developer’s previous work or looking for a new and exciting VR experience, Sushi Ben promises to deliver an unforgettable journey. Let us know in the comments section below if you are keen to embark on this sushi-filled adventure!

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