Sushi Ben Takes Your Order Next Week On Quest
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Next Week on Quest: Experience Sushi Ben Taking Your Order

Sushi Ben VR: A 3D Manga Adventure Coming to Quest

Sushi Ben, the highly anticipated 3D manga adventure game, is set to release on the Meta Quest platform on October 19. Developed by Big Brane Studios and written by Hato Moa, the creator of Hatoful Boyfriend, Sushi Ben offers players a unique and immersive narrative experience. Combining 3D manga panels with full Japanese voice acting, this game presents a captivating story that revolves around saving a beloved sushi restaurant from going out of business.

A Cinematic Adventure in Kotobuki Town

In Sushi Ben, players take on the role of a protagonist who must persuade the locals of Kotobuki Town to visit their favorite sushi restaurant and prevent its closure. The gameplay trailer offers a glimpse into the stunning visuals and engaging gameplay that await players as they navigate through various activities and encounters.

Sushi Ben Gameplay Trailer
Sushi Ben Gameplay Trailer

However, saving the restaurant goes beyond culinary duties. The game tasks players with helping the residents of Kotobuki Town and earning their trust. This involves participating in activities such as fishing, bug catching, dog walking, and even ghost hunting. Each interaction and decision made by the player will influence the unfolding narrative, offering a personalized and unique gameplay experience.

Expanding to Other Platforms

While Sushi Ben’s initial release is exclusive to the Meta Quest platform, the developer has confirmed that other platforms like PSVR, HTC, and PC VR will also be supported in the near future. This ensures that players on different VR platforms will get the opportunity to enjoy this captivating manga adventure.

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Sushi Ben’s combination of immersive storytelling, stunning visuals, and interactive gameplay makes it a highly anticipated title for VR gamers. Whether you are a fan of manga, narrative-based adventures, or simply looking for a unique VR experience, Sushi Ben promises to deliver a memorable journey through Kotobuki Town.

Are you ready to embark on this 3D manga adventure? Get your VR headset and prepare to save the sushi restaurant in Sushi Ben!

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