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Supernatural Brings the Ultimate Home Gym Experience for Only $100 a Year!

Meta’s Supernatural VR Fitness Service: Revolutionizing Home Workouts

Last week, at the Meta Connect event, Meta unveiled its new pricing for its fitness service, Supernatural. This update brings the cost of the virtual reality (VR) workout app down significantly, making it an affordable alternative to traditional gym memberships. The pricing changes align with Meta’s overall strategy for its VR offerings, including the upcoming holiday releases of Quest 2 and Quest 3.

From Startup to Fitness Powerhouse

Earlier this year, Meta acquired Supernatural after a 15-month delay, signaling its commitment to promoting exercise and wellness through VR technology. Prior to the acquisition, Supernatural offered a monthly membership for $19, or an annual subscription for $180. The new pricing is set at $100 per year, or $9.99 per month, significantly reducing the financial barrier for users eager to adopt VR fitness.

One of the key factors that have contributed to Supernatural’s success is its similarity to the popular rhythm game Beat Saber. However, Supernatural takes it a step further by incorporating fitness elements and providing users with coaches who guide them through their workouts with motivating words.

Notable celebrities like Elliot Page have expressed their support for Supernatural, recognizing the potential for virtual gyms to surpass physical equivalents. With its accessible pricing and compelling workout experience, Supernatural is poised to reshape the fitness industry.

The Quest for Affordable Fitness

By pricing Supernatural alongside the $300 Quest 2 and the forthcoming $500 Quest 3, Meta aims to establish itself as a leader in the VR fitness market. The combination of affordable VR headsets and Supernatural’s immersive workout experience creates a compelling proposition for fitness enthusiasts looking to ditch traditional gym memberships.

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In addition to the VR headsets, Meta has introduced new accessories to enhance the overall fitness experience. The Meta charging station for Quest 3 and the Anker Charging Dock for Quest 2 ensure that VR equipment is always ready for a workout, just like any other exercise equipment in one’s home.

Augmented Reality Integration

In the near future, Meta plans to incorporate its persistent digital objects called Augments into the Supernatural experience. Users will be able to place digital portals next to their physical workout gear, allowing for seamless transitions into Supernatural workouts. As Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained during the Meta Connect keynote, this integration will further blur the lines between physical and virtual fitness.

A Worthy Competitor to Apple’s Fitness+

With the introduction of lower-cost Quest headsets and the affordability of Supernatural, Meta begins to rival Apple’s Fitness+ service. By considering factors such as membership costs, gas expenses, and convenience, Meta is poised to attract gym-goers to the world of VR fitness. This shift opens up new possibilities for home workouts and virtual gym experiences.

As we head into 2023, the fitness industry may witness a significant transformation, with VR workouts becoming a more viable and accessible option for consumers seeking innovative ways to stay fit.

In conclusion, Meta’s Supernatural VR fitness service with its revamped pricing structure has the potential to revolutionize home workouts. By combining immersive VR experiences with affordable headsets and accessories, and integrating augmented reality elements, Meta is ushering in a new era of fitness. Whether traditional gyms can compete with the convenience and appeal of VR fitness remains to be seen, but Meta’s strategic moves are sure to make an impact.

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