Modern Warfare III Zombies Features Vehicles and More Enemies Than Ever
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Modern Warfare III Zombies: Introduces Vehicles and a Greater Variety of Enemies

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III Launches on November 10

The highly anticipated game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III is set to launch on November 10, and fans are eagerly awaiting its release. Developed by a talented team of co-developers, the game promises to deliver an exceptional gaming experience. As a part of the Call of Duty: Next event, Treyarch, one of the co-developers, showcased different aspects of the game, with a major focus on Modern Warfare III’s Zombies mode.

Modern Warfare III Zombies New Features

Zombies have always been a beloved element of the Call of Duty franchise, appearing in the World War II and Black Ops games. However, for the first time, the developers are introducing Zombies to the Modern Warfare series. Treyarch, known for their expertise in creating immersive game modes, has teased some exciting new features for Zombies in Modern Warfare III.

Modern Warfare III zombies combat

The new Zombies mode in Modern Warfare III takes players on a thrilling co-op adventure. Teams of players will battle both the undead and human enemies in an open-world extraction mode. This introduces a unique dynamic where squads may encounter each other in the field and choose to work together or go their own ways.

Treyarch has taken the Zombies experience to the next level by introducing vehicles in Modern Warfare III. Players will now have the freedom to explore the map using these vehicles, adding a new layer of tactical gameplay. Additionally, the number of enemies in each game has been increased, providing a more intense and challenging experience. These enemies include not only zombies but also the Terminus mercenaries, who are working for Zakhaev – the main antagonist responsible for the outbreak.

Special Infected Types

The recently released Modern Warfare III Zombies trailer showcases some of the game’s special infected types. These unique enemies present additional challenges for players, requiring them to adapt their strategies and work together to survive.

Returning and New Powerups

As with previous Zombies modes, Modern Warfare III will include familiar powerups such as Pack-A-Punch, Perk Colas, the Mystery Box, and the iconic Wonder Weapon. These powerups offer additional firepower, perks, and mystery weapons to aid players in their battle against the undead hordes. In addition to the returning powerups, Treyarch has also developed new powerups specifically for Modern Warfare III, though they have chosen to keep these details under wraps for now.

Replayability and Weapon Storage

One of the key focuses in the development of Modern Warfare III Zombies is the game’s replayability. Treyarch understands the importance of keeping players engaged and excited to return to the mode time and again. To achieve this, players will have the ability to store the weapons they extract with and choose to start future matches equipped with their preferred arsenal. This feature enables players to develop their playstyle and maintain a sense of progression throughout their Zombies experience. Additionally, during matches, players will come across Blueprints that allow them to begin future matches with a selected powerup, providing an extra edge from the start.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III’s Zombies mode offers an immersive and thrilling co-op experience, combining intense action with strategic gameplay. With the introduction of vehicles, increased enemy count, special infected types, and a focus on replayability, Treyarch has created a mode that is sure to captivate fans of the franchise and newcomers alike.

Stay Tuned for More Updates

Treyarch’s showcase of Modern Warfare III’s Zombies mode has left fans craving for more information. As the release date draws closer, anticipation is mounting. Stay tuned for further updates on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and get ready for an unforgettable gaming experience on November 10!

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