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Release Notes for Xbox Insider Omega Build (2309.231010-1055)

Xbox Update Preview Arrives for Omega Insiders

Attention Xbox Insiders! The Omega ring is about to receive a brand new Xbox Update Preview. While the changes might not be immediately noticeable, this update brings important background improvements that will ensure a high-quality and stable build for Xbox consoles. The details of the update can be found below.

Xbox Insider Release Notes

System Update Details

  • OS version released: XB_FLT_2309ZN\25398.2266.231010-1055
  • Available: 5 p.m. PT – October 11, 2023
  • Mandatory: 4 a.m. PT – October 13, 2023

Please note that this update will only be released to a small subset of users in the Omega ring who have not yet received a 2310 update. It is possible that the update may not occur automatically and you might have to manually check for it in the “Settings” section under “System” > “Updates”. It’s also worth mentioning that newly enrolled users in this ring may not receive all early updates, but they will still receive the update before the General Availability release.

Fixes Implemented

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Xbox engineers, the following fixes have been implemented in this build:


  • Fixed an issue where some steering wheels could experience unexpected vibrations when playing certain titles.
  • Addressed the problem of an unexpected cursor remaining visible during gameplay in some titles.


  • Various stability and performance fixes have been made.

Known Issues

We are aware of some previously reported issues, and while they are being worked on by Xbox engineers, finding solutions may take more time. The known issues in this update are as follows:

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  • Intermittent audio issues have been reported across the dashboard, games, and apps. Ensure that you have installed the latest firmware updates for your TV and other equipment. If the issues persist, please contact the equipment manufacturer or submit a feedback report with detailed information about the problem.

Keyboard Button Mapping for Xbox Controllers

  • If you change your keyboard language settings while the Xbox Accessories app is open, the change will not take effect until you quit the app or reboot your console.


  • An investigation is underway regarding reports of consoles failing to connect to networks as expected during boot-up. If you encounter this issue, please report it immediately.
  • Workaround: Wait for a minute to establish the connection. If the console still doesn’t connect, restart it using the Power Center by holding the Xbox button and selecting “Restart console” > “Restart”.

Make sure to use the “Report a problem” feature to inform Xbox about any issues you encounter. Your feedback is crucial for finding resolutions, even if you don’t receive a personal response for every report.

Need Xbox Insider Support?

If you’re an Xbox Insider needing support, head to the official community subreddit. There, you’ll find Xbox staff, moderators, and fellow Xbox Insiders who can assist you with your concerns. Before posting, please check if someone else has already reported the same issue to avoid creating duplicate threads. By using both the subreddit and the “Report a problem” feature, you can effectively communicate and receive support for various problems.

We appreciate the vibrant and friendly community that has grown around the subreddit. It has become a reliable hub for conversation and support among Xbox Insiders. For more information about the Xbox Insider Program, follow us on Twitter and stay tuned for future Xbox Insider Release Notes detailing updates for your Xbox Preview ring.

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